Have you forgotten how to dream?

At the last ever Jeff Goins Tribe Conference last weekend in Franklin, Tennessee, one of the speakers asked us if we remembered how to dream. The speaker was Cliff Ravenscraft, and for many years Cliff was known as the Podcast Answer Man. His opening was: All human behavior is driven by belief. All beliefs have … Read moreHave you forgotten how to dream?

5 books to read if you’re an endurance athlete

I’m heading today, 9/6/19, to another writing event, the Tribe Conference, put on by best-selling author and writing teacher Jeff Goins. I took an online class from Jeff about how to get going with blogging. It’s because of Jeff that for the past almost 2 years, I’ve been blogging every week and emailing my list … Read more5 books to read if you’re an endurance athlete

38th Diaversary + 49 mile bike ride recap

Happy End of June and happy joyful summer! I am slowly and surely recovering from the intensity of moving all my stuff from one house to another house. And I am pleased to report that I have now lived successfully with type 1 diabetes for 38 years. The day someone was diagnosed is “celebrated” by … Read more38th Diaversary + 49 mile bike ride recap

Moving from “How to” to “Sports Memoir”

I mentioned in my post two weeks ago that I’ve made a writing transition in the book I’m writing. I’ve gone from crafting a “how to” book, namely a book about how to become an endurance athlete in the face of chronic health challenges, to writing a sports memoir book that along the way will … Read moreMoving from “How to” to “Sports Memoir”