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Birthday Joy & Quick Cancer Update

Happy month of May! I hope you’re enjoying the seasons wherever you are on Planet Earth. I sure am enjoying the pops of so many amazing colors as the trees unfurl their brilliant green leaves and the tulips and lilacs splash their reds, purples, yellows, oranges and so many shades of amazing colors as the

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Vulvovaginal health for women in menopause, athletes included

TRIGGER WARNING: I’m going to talk about topics that some may find uncomfortable. Namely, I’m going to discuss female genital health. Buckle your seat belts, things are about to get personal.  I already tend to be personal in these blog posts, and along those lines I’m going to address an issue that has come up

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NEWS FLASH: Extreme Healing won an award

Extreme Healing, published by Mandala Tree Press, got an award!  The award is called the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award in the category of Health & Fitness.  I find out on Friday, April 26th, 2024 if my book Extreme Healing: Reclaim Your Life + Learn to Love Your Body makes it to the Gold level. For

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Healing Ritual

Right before the pandemic, I attended a writing workshop with Jeff Goins called Tribe. It was in Nashville, Tennessee. I didn’t know anyone attending, but I wanted to attend because I really wanted to finish my book and I was searching for support for how to make that happen.  I connected with a few amazing

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Dark Night of the Soul

In the middle of the night recently, I had a dark night of the soul. I spent a bit of time contemplating the end of my life. What that would/could look like.It was very dark and very sad. Lots of angst and tears. Thankfully, at 3am, I shifted and asked myself, “Mari, you’re not dead

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New Year, New Moon and a blue sky

I was out walking this morning, as today is the New Moon in Capricorn, and as I approached the majestic Mississippi River, a powerful, graceful eagle soared on a wind gust feet in front of me. I made the instant decision to not pull out my phone to snap a photo and instead to breathe

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