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Gratitude & Appreciation

I’m writing this post on American Thanksgiving 2023. To kick off the day I ran my tenth, as in every single year they’ve had the race, even during the pandemic when it was virtual, St Paul Turkey Trot. Today I ran the 10K. They have a 6K option too.  I ran it with Jenny, Katie,

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Extreme Healing hits #1 on Amazon

There are moments in life that stun. Last Friday, I experienced one of those moments.  My publishing team has been teaching me for the past year how to launch and market a new book. I’ve been taking notes and paying attention. That said, until it happens, you never really know if it will work.  On

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Books unboxing and podcast about endurance writing

What a couple of weeks it’s been!  How are you doing this week? I hope you’re hanging in there.  I’m still navigating the Stages of Grief from finding out I have Stage 2 metastatic breast cancer. My third round of breast cancer.  I did learn, from my endocrinologist of all people!, why this third round

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19th Cancerversary and here we go again

A few days ago, October 20th, 2023, was the 19th anniversary of getting word that I had breast cancer for the first time. In 2004,  I was 39 and it was a shock to learn that the lump I had found in my right breast was cancer. Granted, it really wasn’t a shock as I

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No more grapefruit and I am an athlete first

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I went in for a PET scan to see if the 5 nodules on my lungs, one of which had grown a little over the past year since they’ve been tracking it, were cancer. That PET scan was held on August 25th.  I went in to meet with

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