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Foam rolling for relief

Do you have aches and pains and sore muscles? As we age, we tend to have more challenges with body aches. I speak from experience. Most of the time I don’t talk about my aches, I just deal with them. That said, pain is often a companion for me. Way back in 2007, when I

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Run hills when training for a race, good for you

On April 24th I’m going to run the longest distance I’ve run since March 2010, when I did the one marathon I’ve ever done. I confess, I’m a bit nervous about the virtual Get In Gear half marathon race that my Team Looking Sharp friend Jenny and I will do in three weeks.  Run-walk-run makes

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Four silver linings of the pandemic

Deep in breath. Deep out breath. It’s been more than a full year since we’ve officially been navigating this COVID-19 global pandemic. It’s been a challenging year, on many levels. 541,000+ people in the United States have died from it. More than 2.69 million people have died from it worldwide. That’s a LOT of people

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The power of squatting while pooping

As a middle aged woman, I’m 55 going on 56, I have become slightly obsessed with the health of my body in ways that I previously wasn’t. One example of this is my colon health. As you know, I had my second full colonoscopy in January. Which resulted in a broken rib due to falling

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The future of work and the coronavirus vaccine

Have you been wondering when it will be your turn to get the vaccine of the year? Here in Minnesota, the Health Department is vaccinating these groups right now: Who can get their vaccine now? Minnesotans aged 65 or older Health care workers, including paid and unpaid primary caregivers for people with complex medical needs

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Pool running is fun, really

I fractured my rib on January 21st, which means that it’s been 6 weeks since it happened. I  started running outside again on February 25th. Thankfully my rib appears to have healed sufficiently to be able to run outside. When I ran 5 miles on February 25th and then 8 miles on February 27th, I

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