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Soup season has arrived again

I love soup. In my world there really isn’t “soup season.” That’s because no matter the time of year, I eat soup almost every week. Granted when the seasons turn, which here in Minnesota they most certainly do, and the temperatures cool down as has happened this week, I find myself looking online and in

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Run disappointment strikes

I ran my third half marathon race of 2022 last Sunday, September 11th, the Jeff Winters City of Lakes Half Marathon, put on by Run Minnesota.  Time goal not met Much to my chagrin, I did not meet my time goal. In fact, starting at mile 7 all the way through until the end of

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City of Lakes Race Plan

Don’t plan it all. Let life surprise you a little. -Julia Alvarez I am a planner. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know this. I take great comfort in having a plan and having little goals to keep me moving forward on big goals I’ve created for myself.  Relax the plan

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Happy September and 3 updates

Hello everyone who happens upon this blog! I have really missed writing a weekly blog. Life is often that way, we don’t know what’s important until the thing is gone. I realized in not writing these posts the past few weeks that the connection I feel to this community, to YOU, is something I deeply

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Danny Docherty Interview & Insights

I’ve got for you an interview with pro runner and coach extraordinaire Danny Docherty. I met Danny back in February of this year, after I’d declared 2022 my year of running and I joined Run Minnesota. Among the many things that Danny does with his time, one of them is being the Program Director at

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Underwear for running in humidity

It’s hot in Minnesota in the summer months, no two ways about it. Makes me focus on electrolytes and hydration with extra intention. Plus it makes me think about my underwear. Chafing underwear is NOT FUN.  Worst run of the year I had one of my worst runs this entire year last week, mostly due

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