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3 coping strategies for managing anxiety

Every year I review my treatment plan with my psychotherapist. I have a diagnosis of PTSD that makes complete sense to me given my childhood, my health challenges and the layers of trauma I have survived in my life. This past week, my therapist and I were again reviewing my treatment plan and she asked

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Fall fitness, do you have a plan?

The Fall Equinox was last week. You know, the twenty four hours where the night and the day are totally equal. I like recognizing and noting the Earth’s rotations. So much of our busy 21st century life is speeded up and we seem to have forgotten that we are part of this Earth, not separate

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Weightlifting is Fun! Really…

Last week I had my last weight lifting session with the personal trainer I hired back in June, Erin Reding. I mentioned her in a blog post in July. Erin had me design our last workout together. Brilliant teaching strategy!! Put the student in the leadership role.  I designed the workout on Tuesday evening, did

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Self-Compassion for Athletes

“Compassion involves the recognition and clear seeing of suffering. It also involves feelings of kindness for people who are suffering, so that the desire to help – to ameliorate suffering – emerges. Finally, compassion involves recognizing our shared human condition, flawed and fragile as it is. Self-compassion, by definition, involves the same qualities. Self-compassion involves

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9 Late Summer Recipes for Health

I’ve been a regular goer to the Midtown Farmers Market for more than six years now. End of summer is simply glorious, because, despite the terrible drought we are experiencing here in Minnesota, the smells and colors at the Farmers Market have exploded with deliciousness.  I mentioned in my post last week, Pandemic 2.0, that

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Pandemic 2.0 has arrived

I don’t have a high amount of fear most days of my life. What about you? Can you recognize when fear hits you? As a result of working hard to recognize my emotions as they move through my body, I’ve become more aware when fear grips me. Fear gripped me tight on Sunday, August 8th

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