In the Media

  • Mari’s story is highlighted in the May/June 2018 Diabetic Newsletter 
  • Listen to Mari and April on the Women Inspired! Podcast from March 2018
  • Mari and Tony talk about writing, athletics and life on Minnesota Minds Podcast from December 2017
  • Mari is featured in the October 2015 Women’s Press Magazine
  • TPT – Twin Cities, the Minneapolis-St. Paul PBS station, created a 26 minute show about Mari and Day called Reclaiming the Mirror.
  • TPT – Twin Cities also did a show on Mari & This 5 minute segment was part of an hour long show about cancer that won a Midwest Emmy in October 2015.
  • Mari is featured in Skin Deep Magazine, one of the most read tattoo magazines in Europe.
  • Mari was interviewed on a podcast called Food As Medicine.
  • Mari has written a few columns for the e-magazine Insulin Nation:
    • Column One, published on February 6, 2014: The Value of Knowing Your T1 Baseline
    • Column Two, published on March 5, 2014: Insulin/Carb Ratios for a 100 Mile Bike Ride
  • Mari was interviewed by Ginger Vieira for Diabetes Daily. In the interview, Mari talks about how anyone can be an athlete!
  • March 2013 did a feature story on Mari and the Red Riders
  • Diabetic Living Spring 2012 featured a story about the WILDIron team that went to Ironman Wisconsin
  • Colorado and Company, a local news program, featured some members of TeamWILD.
  • Transforming Diabetes Radio had a fantastic interview with Mari, about her history, the Red Rider program, and TeamWILD!  Click on the podcast to hear the interview.
  • Diabetes Forecast included an article about athletic teams of people with diabetes, including Mari and TeamWILD.
  • Spry Magazine featured Mari and TeamWILD on the cover of this popular newspaper insert and a cover story to accompany it.
  • Diabetes Positive included Mari and TeamWILD in their Positive Profile in summer 2010.
  • Bicycling Magazine highlighted Mari and the Red Rider program.
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