Mini vacations restore and refresh

About a month ago, my housemate Karen and I were lamenting that both of us are single and the options for vacations are pretty bleak during this coronavirus time. Neither of us wanted to go camping alone or really go anywhere alone. But the options for group outings are not safe and not available.  All … Read more

Exercise accountability and celebration when gyms aren’t very safe

I like lifting weights. I don’t love it, but I do like it. What about you? What’s your relationship to lifting weights?  My friend Linda Brandt is a weight lifting wonder. She’s a tiny powerhouse who can lift BIG weight. She regularly surprises people she encounters at the local YWCA with how much weight she … Read more

3 Healthy recipes for pandemic summertime

I love cooking. This was not something I have enjoyed doing my whole life. The few years before I found out I had cancer for the first time, I was a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner expert. Round 1 of cancer got me off the frozen dinner bandwagon, but it wasn’t until round 2 of cancer … Read more

Managing loneliness during this never ending pandemic

I notice my loneliness more now than maybe I ever have. Can you relate? Granted, I remember I went through a big loneliness phase in my mid 20’s, when I first started remembering my childhood sexual abuse and needed space from my family. With lots of therapy and intentional friends connecting, I made it through … Read more

Virtual Tour de Cure Twin Cities 2020

The morning of Saturday, June 6th, 2020 in Minneapolis, MN dawned sunny and beautiful. I walked to the local Farmers Market and got some lettuce, kale and radishes. Then I came home and packed up my 4 water bottles, my riding nutrition which included Skratch Labs and a few other random carbs in case of … Read more

Maintaining fitness motivation in an ongoing pandemic

How are you doing maintaining your fitness now that the gyms are closed, races have been cancelled and we are still in quarantine?? Before we dive into a few things I’m doing to keep my fitness happening, a BIG thank you for all the turning 55 love! It was a great birthday. I am still … Read more

Birthday Fun! May you be happy, healthy and at peace

I mentioned last week in my post about doing inversions that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the month of May!!!  Big reason I love May is that the 12th is my birthday. I’ve always loved birthdays. When I was a kid my family had a rule, we only got a full fledged birthday party every other … Read more