Healing Ritual

Right before the pandemic, I attended a writing workshop with Jeff Goins called Tribe. It was in Nashville, Tennessee. I didn’t know anyone attending, but I wanted to attend because I really wanted to finish my book and I was searching for support for how to make that happen. 

I connected with a few amazing women writers and we shared an Air BnB together. I ended up creating a monthly accountability group with two of those women and the third woman is Kristin Fitch. Kristin was considering starting a podcast or two. She did it! 

Good fun was had and just a few weeks ago, she interviewed me for her podcast, Building a Life You Love. Awesome title for a podcast! Kristin and I had a delightful, heavy yet joyful conversation that you can listen in on today!

Here’s the podcast for you.

Let me know what you think. I do love hearing from you. 

I’m hanging in there. At the moment I’m navigating the anti-cancer drug with relative ease and it is shrinking the three cancer nodules that are embedded in my chest muscle. The issue is that the drug will peak and plateau after about 6 to 12 months. I’m at month 4 of taking the letrozole. That might not be enough time to shrink the nodules to nothing. There are essentially three options I could add to what I’m doing now. None of the three options are good options. Thus I am challenged to be in the NOW. 

And right now, I generally feel good. I can still run, swim, bike, walk and lift weights. I have enough energy to show up in my daily life. 

One of the things I am doing on a daily basis is this little healing ritual. 

Connect with the trees

On my morning walk with my dog Sam, I walk up to a big strong tree and I put my hands on the trunk. I take three deep breaths and as I exhale I give each of my cancer-filled nodules back to the tree. 

The tree takes the cancer nodules and sends it back down into the Earth and transforms the cancer into something healing and good. 

In closing, I thank the cancer for teaching me lessons and I tell it that it can leave me alone now. I also thank the tree and the Earth for helping me heal and learn. I thank the Universe for always being with me. 

Then I walk home!

What rituals do you have? 

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  1. Wonderful blog and podcast. I appreciate your openness and generosity in sharing your journey.

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