Endurance is a decision, not a quality

“Endurance is a decision, not a quality.” ~ John Munger What is endurance? How does one endure? How much can one endure?  These questions have entranced me for much of my life. It’s what drew me to Vipassana meditation almost 20 years ago. It’s what captured my imagination and my body when I discovered my … Read more

Successful healing breast cancer transformation happened for 18 women

It’s the day after October 20th, my 15th cancerversary, as I write this post. Yes, I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time on October 20th, 2004. I’m still alive and I’m still working to help women transform their lives after going through a mastectomy. After all I have survived, I am profoundly … Read more

Personal Ink Tattoo Day coming again to Minneapolis in 2019!

Do you like to volunteer? I’ve noticed that I tend to make close friendships with people who enjoy volunteering. I was assessing my current volunteering efforts, and I realized that one of my current all-time favorite volunteering efforts is with Personal Ink, P.ink Tattoo Day MSP. Personal Ink is a program of FCancer (let’sFcancer) that … Read more

#PinkTattooDayMSP Celebration of Healing

On Sunday, October 14, 2018, 14 women who all had mastectomies as part of their breast cancer treatments, got a complimentary tattoo over her scars as part of the Minneapolis – Saint Paul P.ink Tattoo Day. P.ink, pronounced pea ink, stands for Personal Ink. P.ink is an organization that is 100% volunteer run, and here … Read more

Confessions of a one breasted bionic endurance athlete

Eight years ago this month, I found out I had breast cancer for a second time. In August of 2010, I had the cancer infested breast cut off. I tend to be a minimalist, so I only had the one breast removed. I don’t have any genes that say I’m at genetic risk for breast … Read more

How breast cancer healing happens with ink and community

You all know that I have been living with diabetes for 37 years and that much of my life and drive to keep up with endurance training is because my diabetes management is exponentially better when I regularly exercise. (oh yes, turns out that’s true for most of us, diabetes or not!)  I don’t talk … Read more

Self-Care in times of stress and overwhelm

After living with diabetes for 36.5 years and after surviving breast cancer twice, I’ve come to prioritize self-care. What is self-care you ask? Well, in my world it means that I pay attention to the basic things I need to stay healthy, fit, calm, centered and productive. It means that I make it my Number … Read more

Poem of Magic: Cancer #Previvor Finds Her People

Note from Mari: This is a blog post written by Michelle Scharber Banks. Michelle was a volunteer at P.ink Day MSP 2015 and again for 2016. In addition, she got her transformative, healing tattoo this year. Here is Michelle’s beautiful story & a poem she wrote, in her own words: After the Tattoo I’ve been … Read more