Birthday Fun! May you be happy, healthy and at peace

I mentioned last week in my post about doing inversions that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the month of May!!!  Big reason I love May is that the 12th is my birthday. I’ve always loved birthdays. When I was a kid my family had a rule, we only got a full fledged birthday party every other … Read more

Yoga inversions for calm, energy and to support your immune system

Happy first day of May!  May just happens to be one of my most favorite months, likely because my birthday is May 12th!!! Also, tulips and daffodils are blooming and lilacs burst forth! All colors and flowers I love wholeheartedly! How are you hanging in with this challenging coronavirus time? I must admit, I’m experiencing … Read more

3 tips for staying fit during a pandemic

I identify as an endurance athlete. That’s nothing new to those of you who read what I write every week. In recent weeks, there are times that I type the words, “endurance athlete” and I catch myself doubting. I’ve been working on my website redesign (it’s not done yet!) and I’ve been working on my … Read more

Remember your resilience, you are worth it

How are you holding up? It’s possible I’m the 647th person who’s asked you that this week. This worldwide pandemic situation has got us asking about the welfare of those around us. I sure appreciate being asked how I’m doing. I’ve noticed I ask my friends and colleagues how they are doing more than I … Read more

Staying calm and healthy in a pandemic

How are you doing staying home and staying healthy during this pandemic? If you’re a health care worker, or a grocery store worker, or a mail carrier, or you work for a delivery service, THANK YOU. You are our front line workers. I for one am extremely grateful for your dedication and service. Let yourself … Read more

Embrace the suck and be inspired

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Allen Lim of Skratch Labs. Allen Lim is a sports physiologist. He was a speaker and a sponsor of CampWILD, the endurance training camp I ran for adults with diabetes as part of the company I owned for 6 years, TeamWILD Athletics. If you’ve ever exercised with me, you … Read more

Goodbye for now Lean In Together MSP

Feminism awakens I remember being a senior in high school at Saint Paul Central High School and getting elected president of the student council. Right away, I realized that women’s rights were different than men’s rights. I noticed that adults in the school treated the female officers different than the male officers. It was as … Read more

4 easy steps to change your beliefs

Becoming an athlete was no easy task for me. In fact, much of how good my life is now has been hard won. I am profoundly grateful that no longer do I believe that everything in life must be difficult to achieve. In fact, I’m noticing that some things can actually be easy! Last week … Read more