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I’m wearing the ZIO XT heart monitor for the week and yesterday at the Chocoholic Frolic 10K, I left my newly discovered run-walk-run method of 45 seconds running, 15 seconds walking, in the dust. I ran with effort for more than 35 minutes without walking. Mile 1, I did in 11:14. Mile 2, I did in 11:02. Mile 3 was 11:09. There were little rolling hills, nothing too major, and I kept up the effort, all with relative ease. I noticed how strong and steady I felt.

ZIO on my heart

Dizzy hits

During mile 4, the dizziness hit me with force. I started pressing the button on the ZIO and pulled out my phone to document the dizziness, lightheadedness and it turned out my heart was pounding. I’ve never noticed my heart pounding in previous dizzy episodes. Paying attention results in noticing more details. 

The dizzy continued for the rest of the 6+ miles. I turned on the GymBoss device again and started the 45 seconds running, 15 seconds run-walk-run system. That helped with the dizzy but didn’t get it to completely stop. My goal of creating a situation that would bring on the symptoms worked. I look forward to meeting with the cardiologist to see what he discovers looking at the data.

I believe that the right things happen to me at the moment I most need to learn a thing. Turns out, perhaps what I most need to learn right now is how to open my heart. To allow and feel love. My body is asking me to learn this lesson. 

Nine days left

I’ve got nine days left in my Kickstarter campaign. It ends at midnight on Tuesday, November 15th.  This campaign challenges me to keep my heart open. To notice how many people in my life trust me, believe in me and want to read my book, Extreme Healing: Finding Your Inner Endurance Athlete. 

Mantras to open my heart

I do lots of deep breathing every single day to keep imagining my heart being open. It’s okay to receive. I breathe into the mantra “Because I exist, I matter.” I remind myself, despite all my early training, I don’t have to prove myself. I don’t have to earn belonging and love. It’s okay to believe that all the love I give out every day can with ease and generosity return to me in a myriad of ways. One of those ways can be the 166 people who have become Kickstarter backers, getting me to 96% of my goal.

Kickstarter update

There’s still nine days left to reach the goal AND exceed the goal. If you have the inclination, here’s what my longtime friend Mia Lathrop Winter had to say about the book

“A dear friend of ours Mari Ruddy has a Kickstarter campaign going to fund the publishing of her book about finding your inner athlete. It’s not about being first or fastest, but about her journey to overcome trauma, diabetes, and breast cancer through running, swimming, cycling. She’s a very wise, strong person and is only about $400 from her $12,000 goal. A $25.00 pledge gets you a copy of her book when it’s published. Please help her out if this speaks to you!”

Exceed the goal

If the goal is exceeded, that will bring in funding to create an audiobook along with making ebooks, paperback and hardcover books. Many options.

With gratitude for all who have become backers and all who are just about to become backers!

Keep your heart open everyone.

Tom and Coach Laurie are running the NYC Marathon today! As are nearly 50 people with type 1 diabetes as part of Beyond Type 1! Have a great race everyone!
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    • Huge thanks Laurie! I’m so happy you and Tom got to do the NYC marathon I had to share this lovely photo of the two of you!! See you at the track!

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