3 tips to do 9 workouts a week

I’m not there yet, but I’m giving myself credit for being at 6 workouts a week the past two weeks. It’s not easy making sure that I’ve got workouts scheduled every week. Can you relate? My goal is to be at 9 workouts a week by March 23rd, which is the kick off of the … Read more

Vision Board Magic for 2020!

This past Sunday, two friends came over and the three of us made Vision Boards for 2020. In preparation, I thought long and hard about what I want to maintain and undertake this coming year. I view Annual Goal Setting and Vision Boarding as two things: An opportunity to recommit to healthy habits  The chance … Read more

3 Tips for Winter Strength Training Motivation

It’s true, I don’t love strength training. Granted, I don’t hate it either. I’m just sort of ambivalent about it. I know it’s good for me… on many levels. I’m a woman who is now 54.5 years old and it’s good for aging bones to do strength training. Plus, as someone who has diabetes, I … Read more

4 easy steps to change your beliefs

Becoming an athlete was no easy task for me. In fact, much of how good my life is now has been hard won. I am profoundly grateful that no longer do I believe that everything in life must be difficult to achieve. In fact, I’m noticing that some things can actually be easy! Last week … Read more

5 books to read if you’re an endurance athlete

I’m heading today, 9/6/19, to another writing event, the Tribe Conference, put on by best-selling author and writing teacher Jeff Goins. I took an online class from Jeff about how to get going with blogging. It’s because of Jeff that for the past almost 2 years, I’ve been blogging every week and emailing my list … Read more