The science of running with Mike Mann

For the past several years I’ve had the pleasure of doing run intervals workouts on Thursday mornings at 7am with the YWCA. One of the regular runners in the group is Mike Mann. Turns out Mike has an impressive, inspirational running life story. 

Mike agreed to let me interview him over Zoom last week. I’m not quite ready to start my own podcast, but I do have a bit of a history of interviewing fellow athletes who stay active because of or in spite of a health challenge. Some of you might remember the Red Rider Hangouts I did way back in 2010 through 2014 or so. 

In Mike’s case, he got serious about running again after surviving a bout of prostate cancer. Cancer and diabetes can for sure be a bit of a wake up call. 

Here’s my conversation with Mike. He offers great insights, advice and resources. I offer them to you right under the video of our dialogue. Let me know what you think of our conversation. I love hearing from you!

Resources Mike shared with us 

Toe yoga

two short, helpful videos about how to do toe yoga

Carbon fiber run shoes

Here’s a great review of them.

Run Minnesota Grand Prix, in case you’re interested in giving it a try

Minnesota Runner of the Year 2019

Fun to see my Run Minnesota Coach Danny Docherty and Mike both made Runner of the Year in 2019 

Mobility workout with Miranda Esmond-White

Here’s a workout with Miranda on YouTube.

Book Mike is currently reading

Thinking Body Dancing Mind

Dr. David Sinclair, aging expert

Chat about aging and supplements.

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6 thoughts on “The science of running with Mike Mann”

    • Mike is a very inspiration person! Glad you took the time! I might have to start interviewing others, it is fascinating to hear the stories of amazing people!! Thanks Linda!

  1. Mike is the BEST!!
    Thanks Mari for letting him share all his amazing wisdom, I am glad to be a tiny cog along his magical journey!!
    And thanks Mike….so awesome to hear you speak!!

    • And Mike sure appreciates YOU Laurie!! As do I! It was an absolute joy to learn more from Mike and all the research and study he’s done about running! I agree, his journey is indeed magical!

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