Change the World, Learn About Your Health!

Today is my 49th birthday, a perfect day to kick off Diabetes Blog Week! I’m also coming up on my 33rd year of living with type 1 diabetes, and the theme for today, the first day of Diabetes Blog week, is, “What are the diabetes causes and issues that really fire you up?” In the … Read more

Young & T1, Canadian style!

I had the privilege and honor of going to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada this past weekend for a wonderful conference put on by a newer organization for people ages 18 to 30 who have type 1 diabetes. The organization is called Young and T1 and was founded and is led by two amazing, energetic t1’s, … Read more

Where to go next in life?

It’s a time of deep transformation. And it’s an interesting place to be. For my whole life, each time I made a career change I knew exactly what I wanted to do next. Not this time. Today I along with the coaches and staff at TeamWILD Athletics have decided to officially close TeamWILD. I will … Read more