Happy 2021 + Vision Boards + Word of the Year

I love vision boards!  Part of why I love them is I love words and I love colors and I love collages, so vision boards are a beautiful conglomeration of things I love. Plus I’m a huge fan of setting annual goals and reflecting on my accomplishments from the year that is closing. I combine … Read more

Vision Board Magic for 2019

Vision Boards speak to the non-verbal part of me, which is why, despite my #1 Love Language being words, I love making Vision Boards. I like speaking to the parts of myself that respond powerfully to images and color. Plus, I love gathering with a group of people annually to make my vision board. I … Read more

Goal Setting, Visioning, Meditation AND The Winter Olympics!

I love this time of year! “Why?” you ask. Because I love that spring is coming. I love the Winter Olympics. I love cross country skiing, ice hockey, speed skating. I even find curling strangely fascinating. Weird sport that it is! And, today we are going to get another big dump of beautiful white snow … Read more

Vision Boards and The Fabulous Year Ahead!

A few weeks ago I got to attend a Vision Board workshop with visualization coach Starr Pilmore. I had written my 7 goals for 2015 a few weeks earlier, and I brought these goals with me, along with bringing lots of images that resonate with me. Starr started off the workshop with a short, wonderful … Read more