Vision Board Magic for 2019

Mari’s Vision Boards for 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018

Vision Boards speak to the non-verbal part of me, which is why, despite my #1 Love Language being words, I love making Vision Boards. I like speaking to the parts of myself that respond powerfully to images and color.

Plus, I love gathering with a group of people annually to make my vision board. I started hosting vision board gatherings in 2016, after attending one that someone else hosted in 2015. On average, 5 or 6 people, so far it’s been all women, although I have invited a few men over the years, make their way to my house with their magazines, their ideas and a snack to share.

We spend about 3 hours cutting out images from magazines and gluing them onto a simple piece of tag board. Then we spend a bit of time at the end sharing with the group what we created. In short, it’s a wonderful gathering of intention-setting for the year.

Here’s my 2019 Vision Board!! And the Vision Boards of the women who attended the gathering this year. Of note, one of these women was with us last year and last year, she put Love on her board and a little bit ago she got engaged to her new love!!! Vision Boards DO work!!!

Thanks for taking a look and sending a good thought out to the universe for your intentions for 2019!

Have you ever done a Vision Board??! Do tell! I love hearing your stories!

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