2019, I am ready for you!!

Happy New Year! Are you ready??? As I’ve mentioned for a few years now in this blog, I am a big fan of goals and resolutions.

2018 was a good year in most regards. And I am VERY EXCITED about 2019. My #1 big time ambitious goal is to get my book ready and DONE and out into the world. This is the book that I’ve been working on for about 8 years.

To get myself focused, here are my Goals & Resolutions for 2019. Let me know what you think! Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!


  • Blog 3 – 4 times a month on my website
  • Send an email to my list every time I blog
  • Create a give-away incentive to gather emails
  • Meet with my writing group every month
  • Complete the Write a Best Seller Jeff Goins program
  • Have a clear publishing plan      
  • Redo my book proposal
  • Attend Hay House writing conference in Oregon in March


  • Train for and do the YWCA triathlon with Brooke and friends
  • Train and ride 45 – 60 mile Tour de Cure  
  • Walk 10K steps 6 days a week every week
  • Plant + grow kale and other yummy veggies
  • Keep cooking and eating clean and healthy, 2 new recipes every month,
  • Meditate everyday at least 10 minutes
  • Write in my Gratitude Journal every day, feel the gratitude in my body


  • Keep in contact with old friends, make a regular effort to hang out and have fun 
  • Make some new friends
  • Keep taking excellent care of Sam
  • Stay open to big partner love


  • Continue organizing P.ink Day MSP
  • Continue leading Lean In Together MSP
    • CORE Work Group
    • Social Media/Website Work Group
    • Peer Coaching Circle participation


  • Keep learning about and planning my retirement accounts
  • Save $3000. That’s $250 per month
  • Keep marketing LinkedIn Profile Magic (Need help with your LinkedIn profile? Let me know, I’d love to help you!)
  • Create a plan to relaunch my speaking business

There it is, my 2019 plan! I have to say, seeing my plan in black and white, typed out, helps me stay focused and on point. It feels good!

And this weekend, on Sunday, January 6th, a group of people is coming over and we are all making Vision Boards for 2019. YES!!!

Thanks for reading! For sure, let me know what you have planned for 2019!

Let’s make it an awesome year!

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2 thoughts on “2019, I am ready for you!!”

  1. My word for this year is Strength. I am sure it is going to come into play in many unexpected ways but right now my focus is building my body strength, especially my knee. And I got started on that this week after a forced rest period. Here’s to 2019!

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