Vision Boards and The Fabulous Year Ahead!

Starr & Mari at Vision Board Workshop!
Starr & Mari at Vision Board Workshop!

A few weeks ago I got to attend a Vision Board workshop with visualization coach Starr Pilmore. I had written my 7 goals for 2015 a few weeks earlier, and I brought these goals with me, along with bringing lots of images that resonate with me.

Starr started off the workshop with a short, wonderful 3 minute meditation. What a great reminder that even taking just 3 minutes to get centered and in the present moment helps greatly! Then she had us visualize which of our goals is our Power Focus Goal. This is one goal around which we have a lot of natural energy. And once that goal is achieved, the rest of our goals would flow from it.

At first, I assumed my Power Focus Goal would be to finish writing my book. I’ve been thinking about and wanting to write this book since before I found out I had breast cancer a second time, in early 2010. Then, after doing another short meditation, and a really fun conversation where we pretended it was 2019 and we met up to talk about how it went to achieve all our goals, it came to me that my Power Focus Goal is to find a part time job!!!

I’ve had less money this past year than I ever have had in my adult life. And I worry every month about having enough money to buy food, pay rent and pay the few bills I have. I realized, getting a steady part time job is a key to my being able to do the rest of the things on my goal list. Freeing up mental space that I spend worrying about finances is a big key to having energy to finish my book!!

My goal is to get a 20 hour a week position helping people get internships. I love networking and I love helping people find internships. It’s what I loved doing when I worked at Big Picture Learning. Ideally, I will find a job at a local college or university. I’m also open to teaching a course to college students about maximizing an internship experience. In a desire to highlight my passion for internships, I built a website. Here it is:

I loved cutting out images for my Vision Board and imagining all my dreams coming true!! The workshop ended with one gal, Cher Lindberg and I having a wonderful conversation about life, surviving trauma and being authors! Cher’s book is amazing, she very kindly gave me a copy. It’s called Trea$ure Your Life. You can find Cher’s book by clicking here. Cher and I made an agreement to meet soon for a cup of tea. Since Goal #7 on my list is to make more friends in the Twin Cities, I’m making progress!!

Thanks Starr and Lauri Flaquer for hosting the amazing Make Your Dreams Come True gathering!! I’m so glad I attended!

Here’s to an amazing year!

my vision board
My finished Vision Board for 2015
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4 thoughts on “Vision Boards and The Fabulous Year Ahead!”

  1. Mari it was our pleasure having you at the event. I love your vision board and see your artistic talent shining through. You’re amazing and thanks so much for writing this fabulous post and mentioning us.
    I sure hope that things start changing for the better soon. We’re visualizing the best coming your way!
    I’m going to be reaching out to you later today.

    • Lauri!
      Thanks for inviting me! Things are improving greatly!! I’ve made contact with a fabulous publisher for my book! And I am incredibly hopeful as I move forward with finding the perfect part time job!!
      You and your team are fabulous. I told a dear friend and author about your book on the beach event!!
      I’m visualizing amazing things for you too!

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