Vision Board, Goals & Resolutions for 2017

A few weeks ago six of us gathered at my house to make vision boards for the new year. This is the third year in a row I’ve done this, and I have to say, I love it. It’s so affirming to see the vision board almost daily. And I love reflecting on the year at the end of the year, to see what has come true and where my work is still cut out for me.

Reflection on 2016

A week or so before the vision board gathering, I sat down and did an extended meditation session. I breathed deeply and cleared my mind. After meditating, I sat in my comfy green chair and thought about my goals for 2016, my manifesto and what I wanted from 2017.

The first happy reflection I had was that I had 100% accomplished my goals and resolutions for 2016! I was very deliberate in my goal setting for 2016, and I only had 3 resolutions and goals. Turns out that was very wise! And very do-able. I did write everyday for 15 minutes. I did confront all my fears as they arose. And finally, I did write my Manifesto and implement it!


One of my biggest fears that arose was my fear about finances. I noticed how ashamed and embarrassed I am about my lack of financial knowledge. So, I found a money coach through an organization called Prepare+Prosper. I attended every single session and I did 100% of the goals I set for myself.

As a result, I started two savings accounts. I figured out my retirement accounts and I started a new retirement account and I put money into it every month! I did such a good job, they invited me to become a money coach and group facilitator. My coaching and facilitation background translated to the financial world! I never, ever thought that would happen.

2017 Plan & My Vision Board

For 2017, I am a bit more ambitious. I have 5 goals and resolutions. Here they are:

  1. Finish the book I’ve been working on for nearly 6 years.
  2. Work through the Good Life Project
    1. Vitality Bucket – Eat good food, workout at the YWCA, do the 100 mile Tour de Cure Twin Cities on June 3, move my body, do daily meditation and prayer. Practice daily gratitude.
    2. Connection Bucket – Lean In Together activities, socialize
    3. Contribution Bucket – Live my Manifesto
  3. Work through the Serious Bloggers Only program
  4. Continue to manifest and welcome ABUNDANCE into my life. It feels good!
  5. Continue to invite LOVE into my life! Love is wise! I deserve deep love!

I put all five of my goals for 2017 on my Vision Board. Here it is.

How have you kicked off 2017?

Are you ready for a good year!??

I love hearing from you!

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2 thoughts on “Vision Board, Goals & Resolutions for 2017”

  1. Awesome Mari. You are amazing! And inspiring! I’d like to exercise at least 30 minutes 6 days/week and do some kind of weight training 3 days/week. I’d like to take at least 5 five-minute time-outs a day to completely STOP and rest. I’m sure there’s more but will save it for another day. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Ara Jo,
      I LOVE LOVE LOVE your goals and resolutions for 2017!! Especially the 5 minute time-outs 5 times a day! Brilliant! Like you!!!

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