It’s #pinktattoodayMSP! Meet Warrior #6, Becky!! Day Minneapolis is happening in just two more days! We will all gather at Twilight Tattoo this Saturday, 10/10, at 10:30 AM and the healing tattooing will begin! It’s a labor of love to make Day Minneapolis a reality. This year, it was a team of us who made it all happen. Alli, … Read more Day Minneapolis Warrior Number 5: Meet Jennifer! Day Minneapolis continues to fast approach. October 10th is just around the corner. The Planning Committee has rallied wonderful gifts for our six survivor warriors and we’ve found generous donors for breakfast and lunch. On October 10th, you can track our day on social media using our hashtag: #pinktattoodaymsp. Please follow along!! We will … Read more

#pinktattoodaymsp is happening in 3 weeks! Meet Survivor Monica! Day Minneapolis is coming up in just a few short weeks! Three to be exact!! I just found out that the local PBS channel, TPT, got clearance to produce a thirty-minute show about Day Minneapolis 2014! It will show here in Minneapolis on Sunday, October 4th at 7 PM Central time. They will … Read more

Warrior Survivor Number 2 for Day Minneapolis! Here’s Deb!

#PinkTattooDayMSP I’m excited to introduce you to our second Survivor Warrior for Day Minneapolis 2015! We have selected six warrior women to be the recipients of a free tattoo over their mastectomy scars at Twilight Tattoo on Saturday, October 10th. Deb Kuhns is 54 years old and she lives in Hastings, Minnesota. Deb was … Read more Day Minneapolis is coming on October 10th, 2015! Meet Luella!

#PinkTattooDayMSP We’ve started getting ready for Day Minneapolis 2015. It will once again be on October 10th. Day is our annual day of healing with ink, when we pair tattoo artists with breast cancer survivors for a free mastectomy tattoo. It’s our make-a-wish experience that puts survivors at the center of our universe. … Read more