Living Beyond Cancer, Yes, It IS Possible!

Do you know someone who has cancer? Or who has had cancer? Getting the news that you or someone you love has cancer is without a doubt a life changing event.

And, it is possible to live beyond cancer. To find meaning in life that is bigger than cancer.

Here is a clip from a show that the Twin Cities Public Broadcasting channel made of five of us cancer survivors. My breast cancer survivor sister Lynn, who works out with the amazing Cathy Skinner of The Art of Well, suggested to Cathy that she nominate me. Cathy did. And TPT selected me. When they called, I told them about Day Minneapolis. They came and spent the day filming the event at Twilight Tattoo.

Here’s the 5 minute clip from the hour long show they created. I hope you enjoy it!

Please note, you have to watch it on a computer. It won’t work on a smart phone! 

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2 thoughts on “Living Beyond Cancer, Yes, It IS Possible!”

    • Linda,
      You are most welcome and you are simply fabulous!! I love all the incredible ways you inspire so many (me included) to Lean In!

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