11 Years of Thriving Despite Cancer!

Eleven years ago today, my life changed completely. This was the day, October 20th, 2004, that I found out I had breast cancer. It was a sucker punch to the gut. I doubled over in terror. Complete fear permeated my body. I remember wondering if I would ever breathe deeply again. Now here I am, … Read more

It’s #pinktattoodayMSP! Meet Warrior #6, Becky!!

P.ink Day Minneapolis is happening in just two more days! We will all gather at Twilight Tattoo this Saturday, 10/10, at 10:30 AM and the healing tattooing will begin! It’s a labor of love to make P.ink Day Minneapolis a reality. This year, it was a team of us who made it all happen. Alli, … Read more

Personal Ink for Breast Cancer Survivors comes to Minneapolis!

It’s time for P.ink Day Minneapolis! Personal Ink, P.ink, is an organization dedicated to educating breast cancer survivors about mastectomy tattoos as an alternative healing option. P.ink also connects survivors with experienced tattoo artists who can help. As many of you know, I got my lotus tattoo at the last P.ink Day in New York … Read more