Back in the saddle…cycling training starts NOW!

I made a vow that I would officially start cycling training again by March 1st. And that’s today, so here I am! I got my bike set up last weekend. No small feat, as I had to change out the rear tire and wipe the entire bike off, yes it was covered in dust!! Plus I needed to lube the chain and pump up the tires. And find my cycling shoes.

Then I needed to find my cycling clothes. And I needed to mentally psych myself to ride. Step one in motivating myself is to start with reminding myself I am a cyclist. I love cycling. I love my road bike. I love riding outside the best, but so far I am not a winter cyclist. I don’t mind riding indoors, and since there is a TON of snow on the ground here in Minnesota, digging out my Cyclops indoor cycling trainer is second best.

It feels good. I like cycling training and it feels good to be back in the saddle with a plan to get cycling fit again! It’s been a while since I’ve been riding regularly. Here’s a video of my first ride in FIVE months!!!

Here I am on the bike again!!!

I have a lot of riding planned for June. Saturday, June 1st, I plan to ride the 62 mile route at the Tour de Cure Twin Cities, a fundraising event for the American Diabetes Association. I’ve joined the team Paul’s Peddlers which is captained by Paul who also has type 1 diabetes. He’s a year round outdoor cyclist. Yes, he amazes me!

Two weeks later, on June 15th, I plan to ride the Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride with my dear friend Tammy. I’m not sure the distance we’ll do, and that’s okay, I will be ready! The great thing about this ride is that it’s put on by Free Bikes for Kids, and that is most excellent.

The next Saturday, June 22nd, Janeece Oatman is hosting a bike ride with her new organization The Angel Foundation of Minnesota. They provide financial and emotional assistance for people in Minnesota going through cancer treatments. I used support from an organization like this when I was going through cancer treatments in Colorado, so I’m super excited to support this organization, and raise a bit of money for them. If you’d like to contribute, I’d be grateful. I am not sure the distance I will ride at this event, and again, that’s okay. I will be ready!

What about you? Have you started training for your upcoming events?? Let me know!

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  1. Thanks for your post! I pumped up the tires on all the bikes in the basement two weeks ago, as we also have a lot of snow here in Calgary. My annual ride for MS is at the end of June, and I keep trying to make this the year that I will be as strong as I was 15 years ago. I figure it is a lofty goal, but I like working towards that perfect event. Maybe the weather will cooperate as well, so just in case, I want to be ready.
    I like the consistency of the winter rides on the windtrainer, no coasting downhills, or taking too much advantage of tailwinds. The more I ride in the basement, the better I am prepared for the hills in the spring. I am much happier when I am prepared for the hills.
    If I train well over the next few weeks, then here’s hoping I make it back to Portland Oregon for the Tour de Cure in July!

    • Dixie,
      Wonderful to hear that you’ve set up your bike situation and you are back in training!!!! I hope you can do your MS ride and maybe even the Portland, OR Tour de Cure with renewed energy!
      Hills here you come!

  2. Love your video! I am working on the bike. Still don’t have the range to pedal around due to the tendonitis but I am trying. My excellent trainer at the Y is helping me get stronger. Keep on rolling!

    • Cathy!!!!!
      I think I will start doing more little videos! They are fun to do! Thanks for keeping at your workout fitness! You keep on rolling too!!!

  3. Woo Hoo Back on the bike!! Glad you were able to find all your stuff. And, now the fun begins. To get your butt back in shape. I think that is why I never stop riding, I don’t want to have to go thru that again. I haven’t been on a bike in over three weeks, due to suffering from an unbearable cough, then learning I had recovering bronchitis, then a week later getting drugs to help bronchitis go away, and now recovering. I tried riding on Wednesday, as I had my Endocrinologist appt, and it is very hard to get to it using a car, so I biked. It was nice, 7F out and not much wind. But, the commute home was against a stronger wind, and a lot more uphill, and I pretty much was hacking the entire time. My cough is ab building, and very long each time. That wore me out. So, back on the wagon, or vehicles to get to the bus. But, my butt was a little sore… Take care!!

    • Paul,
      You continue to amaze me!!! I’m going to ride again today, inside in my case!!! I made this little video a few days ago!! May you continue to heal up!

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