New recipes that fit a no-gluten, no-meat, no-dairy meal plan #DiabetesFoodHub

I made a promise to my certified diabetes educator, registered dietitian Marcey Robinson 8 years ago when I gave up gluten, meat,dairy and alcohol. The promise was to make a concerted effort to find and try new recipes at least twice a month, to keep cooking and eating at home interesting and engaging.

I am pleased to report that almost 9 years later, I am STILL doing this!!! I cook every weekend and I eat the vast majority of my meals at home. I bring home cooked meals for lunch at work. I eat a LOT of vegetables!!

There are all kinds of random recipe websites I follow. I have about 4 cookbooks I regularly peruse for new ideas. And just last week,the most amazing, incredible website came to my attention. This website will work for just about ANYONE!!! Yes, for you too, no matter HOW you eat!

If you like to cook and eat home cooked meals, then this website is for you.

For those of us who have diabetes, carb counting matters. It is the most challenging thing about new recipes. Figuring out the carb counts of a portion of a new recipe is the biggest challenge of home cooking. My diabetes educator friend Mara suggested I enter the recipe into MyFitnessPal. Mara’s idea was excellent, and I started doing that, and as a result I could get the carb and overall nutrition profile of foods I regularly cooked.

BUT, I have to keep typing in the recipes of all the new recipes I keep adding to my collection. ANNOYING.

Then, just last week, I discovered WOW, WOW and WOW!!! Check it out! Once you have a free account, you can search for the recipes you like and save the ones you like to your recipe box. Then, if you struggle to create a meal plan, you can use all your recipes in the tool called Meal Planner.

Then, you can generate a Grocery List that you can modify if you have some of the items!! THAT IS SO COOL!!! In addition, you can modify the recipe to your satisfaction and write notes, that other can see too!

The very best part is that EVERY SINGLE RECIPE has a full nutrition breakdown!!! That is the most incredible and fabulous part!

The program has artificial intelligence and machine learning built into it, so as you use it, the system learns what you like and makes appropriate suggestions. I have to say, I’m excited to see what Diabetes Food Hub comes up for me as the weeks go by.

Last week I tried my first recipe, Zuppa di Ceci (Chickpea Soup) and it was a delicious success!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

With nutritional love,


Simple, low cost, healthy ingredients for Zuppa di Ceci!!
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4 thoughts on “New recipes that fit a no-gluten, no-meat, no-dairy meal plan #DiabetesFoodHub”

  1. This is exciting! I love cooking healthy yummy foods. I use a few sites too. Chocolate Covered Katie, Pinch of Yum and Cookie and Kate are my go to sites. I can’t wait to check out your recommendations. I have a few favorite cookbooks as well. One from Katie and one from Kate mentioned above. Happy cooking!

    • Cathy,
      I love that you too love cooking!!! I will check out your suggestions!! And do let me know what you think of Diabetes Food Hub!

  2. Mari: I am glad that is working for you. Unfortunately, that is too carbo loaded for me. I try to keep my total daily carb count to 50 or less, 30 if I am doing really well. It means I only have to take about 12 units of basal insulin (Actually slowly released novolog through the pump) and 1-3 units of bolus per meal, plus an occasional corrective dose.

    • Cabe,
      WOW! I’m always inspired by the serious low carb people! Considering that I don’t eat meat, dairy or gluten, doing low carb just doesn’t work for me. This recipe site, Diabetes Food Hub, does offer low carb meal options too!!!

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