Get Lucky 7K Run with Friends

bagpipe guyI’m more than half Irish, as my father and mother are both more than half Irish. Yup, I’ve had lots of relatives long past take a big boat across the ocean and make their way to the new land of America. I’ve never yet traveled back to the island where they all came from, but one day, I sure hope to make it to the rolling hills of Ireland. I feel the pull every year at St. Patrick’s Day.

Get Lucky 7K Race Start. Lots of Green!!

This year, my friend Tammy suggested we run the Get Lucky 7K race. My other friends, Rhea and Dana agreed with me, and all four of us signed up and did the race! It was held on a Saturday morning and as luck would have it, the day dawned sunny and bright. No small feat for March 12th in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dana and I met at the light rail stop that was midway between our two houses and for $1.75, we and many others headed to the race via the fuel-efficient light rail. When we got downtown, we slowly and surely found Tammy and Rhea. We also found the porta-johns! The lines for them always temporarily psyche me out. We chose to line up with the 12-minute milers, as none of us were feeling particularly speedy. I’ve been nurturing some serious heel pain. It appears that I have plantar fasciitis, which sucks big time.

IMG_2708I loved looking around and seeing all the green costumes! Green tights, green hats, green shoes, green tutus, clover leafs everywhere. I loved the official green sweatshirts we got for signing up for the race. To start, I had mine on then, I got too warm. The sunshine was incredible. We smiled and laughed for almost the entire 7K! We especially laughed and danced the two times we ran into the hordes of cheerleaders that were out cheering all of us on!

I am happy to report that my diabetes did quite well for the entire run!

Doing a race event with friends is simply the best. I had a great time! At the end of the run, we got photos taken by a photographer. He had a pile of costumes we could put on for the photos. I put on a great green leprechaun hat! We then started walking toward the light rail, to head back home again. I forgot I had the green hat on my head. In fact, it wasn’t until we were more than three blocks away when I reached up to see what was on my head that I remembered! We all started laughing again! I will keep it all year and bring it back next year.

Tammy, Rhea, me (and my new green hat!) and Dana at the end of the 7K!!
Tammy, Rhea, me (and my new green hat!) and Dana at the end of the 7K!!



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6 thoughts on “Get Lucky 7K Run with Friends”

  1. Good job you guys. Visiting Ireland is a LOT cheaper in January, February, or September, October. And in late January the grass is already green and the crocuses are up! It’s been two years since my last visit home to family and this St. Paddy’s Day was especially hard.

    For plantar’s someone recommended rolling a tennis ball under the arch of my foot, it’s painful but it seemed to help me.
    Bernard, T1 for 43+ years

    • Bernard,
      Thanks for your awesome encouragement!!! I love the insights about Ireland and when to visit. Now that I’ve told the world that visiting Ireland is on my bucket list, it’s one step closer to making a visit a reality. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to not be able to go back and visit more often.

      And thanks for the guidance on plantar fasciitis. I roll on a tennis ball and on a frozen water bottle at least once a day! My next blog will be about my strategies for treating it!!

      Finally, great job on 43+ years with successfully navigating type 1!! You are a rock star!

  2. Hi Mari:
    Way to go on the bike ride with friends!

    Ireland is beautiful and you’ll love it there. And, you’d be with your people. 🙂 We loved our trip through Ireland especially going through the Ring of Kerry. I’ll show you our photos sometime soon.

    Keep biking and running and living and loving and laughing!!!

    • Hi Alex!
      Thanks for this great affirmation! I know Ireland is awaiting me!! I would love to see your photos of your travels there.
      Much love and appreciation!!!

  3. Physical activity with friends makes a huge difference. This was the first time that I ran with people and talked while running. It really made the time fly. It’s good to get out there and be active and doing it with people you like can make all the difference.

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