Dress to exercise in sub zero temps

I love to exercise outside. I’m just not much of a gym rat. Okay, I swim in a pool during the winter, I’m not THAT hard core! And I confess, I don’t love winter biking… yet! Plus I tend to get hot, even when it’s super cold. That said, by watching this little video I wanted to share with all of you exercising out in the cold, I realized how valuable Merino wool is!

Do you like to exercise when it’s cold out?? If so, let me know what you wear!

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2 thoughts on “Dress to exercise in sub zero temps”

  1. I do not like doing anything outside when it’s cold! I guess I am a bit of a wimp You’d think growing up in eastern Ontario with lots of snow I’d like it better….

    • Cathy,
      Wimp or wise, the difference can be subtle at times!!! It really is about the gear most of all. And it’s true, I love good gear!!!

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