Broken Bones, Diabetes and Cycling

<--- BreakOn Monday, May 16th I was walking my dear dog Echo. We were on a perfectly flat sidewalk. The weather was perfect. Echo was not pulling. I was wearing new boots that I had never walked very far in before. These boots have rubber soles. I think what happened is the rubber caught on the cement of the sidewalk, and caused me to trip and wobble. So badly, I fell hard to my left. As I fell, I relaxed as I learned years ago from my cycling coach. Nonetheless, as I hit the ground I heard a very loud snap.

The pain began immediately. I was about 4 blocks from my house. After walking Echo I was going to head over to my brother’s house for a birthday dinner celebration with him and his two lovely daughters, my nieces. I laid there on the sidewalk for a few minutes. I know to allow my body to shake to help my nervous system recover from the shock. So I did. Then I decided to walk back home. Or rather, limp on home.

Birthday51It took me a while to make it home. I had to stop twice. Both times to cry and catch my breath, since I almost passed out both times. Yes, I did have my phone with me. It never occurred to me to call for assistance. When I got home, I hobbled down to my office, which is in the basement, and I thought about what I needed to do. I placed a call to my insurance company to get their advice. It was 5:30 PM, and after hours for the regular doctor. The nurse I spoke to said, “Go to the emergency room!”

I realized getting to the emergency room by myself wasn’t a good idea. I let my brother know I wasn’t going to make it to the dinner. Then I called my nearby friend Linda. She was available to assist me. When she got here, she came up with the idea of calling our mutual friend Molly who is a physician. Molly suggested we go to Twin Cities Orthopedic aftercare. We called and they told us they were open until 8 PM. Off we went.

Sure thing, after x-rays and a consultation with the orthopedic surgeon, I found out that I had broken the first bone of my entire life. I broke the fibula. Luckily in a good spot. And it was still in alignment. They gave me an air boot and a pair of crutches and said, “Come back this Friday for a follow up visit. No matter what, put NO weight on it!”

When I got home, the tears started to flow. It hurt badly. And I realized, biking 80 miles that week in preparation for the Tour de Cure Twin Cities 100-mile ride on June 4th, 2016, was not going to happen. The grief and pain all swirled together. Vicodin, the narcotic painkiller they gave me kept me awake almost all night. Plus I was sleeping on the couch. My heart felt like it was breaking in disappointment.

Today it’s 10 days later and I now know that this air boot will remain on my foot for a total of 8 weeks. Four weeks it’s on 24 hours a day. Then after 4 weeks, I can take it off at night. For 8 weeks, I will use the knee scooter I got. And the bath chair. I miss cycling. I miss walking my dog. I miss going down to see the Mississippi River. I am super sad I won’t be riding 100 miles on June 4th.

I’m taking more insulin than I was. I’m also eating fewer calories. Less movement requires these changes. I was missing cardiovascular exercise so much, I found a bunch of chair exercise videos and now I do almost an hour a day of chair dancing and chair exercising. I make myself laugh quite a bit while I do that!!

I meditate every day. I remind myself that I am healing. I visualize healing several times a day. I am learning again to let people help me. I need help. This weekend I will need to go to the grocery store. That’s way too hard to do alone.

I won’t be doing a 100-mile bike ride this summer. I will ride later this summer, just not sure how long I will be able to go. First, I will put flat pedals on my bike and mount it on my trainer. Slowly and surely I am recovering.

In this healing down time, I plan to write. I’m back blogging!!  (thanks for reading) I remind myself that a reason and blessings will emerge. Just because I don’t know yet what the silver lining is, one day I will, and it will make sense.

Tammy and Molly will be riding on June 4th!
Tammy and Molly will be riding on June 4th!

And, on June 4th, I will be at the Tour de Cure Twin Cities with my cowbell. I will cheer on all the Red Riders and especially I will cheer on my teammates Molly and Tammy who will ride 100 miles!!

If you’d like to help me reach Champion status, it would mean the world to me. I’m super close!! Click Here to go to my fundraising page. Thanks!!



10 thoughts on “Broken Bones, Diabetes and Cycling”

  1. Sorry to hear about both the broken bone and that you won’t be able to ride the Twin Cities Tour de Cure. I’ll be Red Riding June 5th in New Jersey, the Skylands Tour de Cure — weather permitting. (Yes, it’s a rain-or-shine event, but most rides around here stop, or pull riders from the road, if there are persistent thunderstorms — which are predicted for Sunday.) You really started a “chain reaction” within the diabetes cycling community. I’ll be thinking of you…

    • Brenda,
      Thanks for your vote of confidence! And have a wonderful Tour de Cure on June 5th!!! GO RED RIDER!!

  2. Hi Mari, I am so sorry about your very unexpected injury and the disappointment you are feeling about not being able to ride in the Tour de Cure, or to ride at all right now. I have felt this disappointment before. I agree that there has always been a silver lining to these times, but it can be hard to see initially. I look forward to reading your blog posts. Way to go on finding some alternate exercises! 😀

    • Anne,
      It’s so true, the silver lining takes a while to emerge!! I shall let it appear. Isn’t it interesting that so many of us have had to deal with disappointment. Lots of deep breathing and meditation help! Thanks for getting it.

  3. Grr! I’m glad it was a good break, but, ugh, it sucks to wait for everything to heal. I’d volunteer to ride in your place, but then we’d have two people with injuries! 🙂 I send you patience and healing thoughts.

    • Ann,
      Thanks for your kind words!!!! Patience and healing thoughts help mucho!!!
      With appreciation,

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