30 second book pitch!

I worked long and hard on my 30 second book pitch. Maybe you’re wondering why I need a book pitch at this moment in time. Well, I’m going to the Hay House Writing Workshop TODAY!!! Yes, I’m flying to Portland, Oregon and I will be attending the workshop on Saturday and Sunday, March 23 and 24.

Happy Spring!

I’m thankful, I am staying with my friend Ramsey who is a long time Minnesota cycling friend who now lives in Portland and as luck would have it, he lives just over one mile from the Convention Center, where the event is held! This means I can get some exercise and walk to and from the event.

Here’s me giving YOU my 30 second book pitch! I have no idea how many people will ask me about my book, and no matter what, I wanted to have a quick and easy description of my book ready to give anyone who might ask.

If you have any feedback, I would LOVE to hear it!!! Or read it, please leave me a comment or send me an email! All the insights and encouragement help a ton!!! A 30 second book pitch is important to have ready to go!

Please note, from start to finish, this little video I made when I was out walking Sam, is a total of 47 seconds. That said, from when I start and finish talking, it’s under 30 seconds!!

Thanks so much for taking a look and leaving a bit of feedback!! I appreciate YOU and your time! And wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying the weather. Here in Minnesota, spring is finally starting to emerge!

With love,


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19 thoughts on “30 second book pitch!”

  1. Your sports memoir is happening! The Hay House workshop already happened! Your life is incredible material, Mari, and you not only have the writing chops, but also momentum. Continued well wishes.

    • Kitty!
      Coming from you, this means the world!! I have a few cool things to tell you about! Let’s do a Zoom call and connect soon! AND huge thanks for your vote of confidence!!

  2. Mari,
    Did your conference go well? Hopefully you got to share your wonderful, well-crafted, intriguing, contagiously enthusiastic pitch! God’s blessings in all your endeavors. IMO, you nailed it! 😀

    • Robyn!!!
      Thank you! The workshop was mind blowing and totally transformative. I confess, I am overwhelmed!!! Thank you so much for your vote of support! I will be telling everyone about what I learned in the next few weeks and even months!!!

  3. Excellent book pitch! I too want to hear more. Have a great time this weekend. I know you are already there enjoying what I hope is beautiful weather

  4. Wonderfully exciting. I am sure your book will inspire a lot of people struggling with their health challenges to take life HEAD ON.

  5. Great job Mari! As always you leave us wanting more! Can’t wait to see/hear/read more of your journey as you embark on this new chapter of your life. What I truly love about you is your ability to be “real”… your just like us and that gives us, the reader a level of comfortablity that “ hey, maybe I can too be strong like Mari”
    Go get em girl!

  6. Well done. I like it and I know you’ll enjoy making small tweaks as you speak it and watch people’s reactions. Lead on.

    • Linda,
      HUGE thank you for all of your feedback and encouragement!!! Your leadership and friendship means so much!!! Gracias!

  7. I love your book pitch, Mari! It makes me want to hear more of your story – which I think is the idea! 🙂 Safe travels, and enjoy the workshop!!

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