The Luck of The Irish for all!

Tammy, Rhea, me (and my new green hat!) and Dana at the end of the 7K!!

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day this Sunday, March 17th, 2019 and I am pleased to tell you that I am over half Irish by family heritage. As it is, both my mother and father are and were more than half Irish, which means that I’m the same.

I haven’t done a 23 and me genetic test to 100% confirm my Irish-ness. I’m going to let my auburn dark hair and very fair freckled skin and my soul-felt connection to that part of the world be my affirmation of my connection to Ireland.

A few weeks ago, I was in a therapy session, doing more healing from the sad and abusive family life I experienced as a child, and I was reflecting on the generations of abuse in my family lineage. I took a deep breath and felt the sadness and grief of so many generations of hurt.

Immediately I thought about my lineage and I wondered how far back I’d have to go to a time when abuse didn’t happen. I have no idea when that might have been. I remembered that I have wanted to go to Ireland since I was a child. I’ve always strongly identified with my Irish heritage. In fact, I confess, I’ve related more to being Irish than to being a member of my immediate family.

I have not yet ever set foot in Ireland.

I’ve decided that needs to change in the near future. I’m a person of action, so I did a few things. I went to the University of Minnesota book store and purchased two travel books. I set up a travel savings account for Ireland. I did a search for Irish podcasts, of which there are quite a few. I also did a search for Ireland groups on Facebook, which I’ve joined. And last week, my friend Linda connected me with a few Lean In leaders who are in Ireland. Very soon I will reach out to them.

I’m hoping, with consistent effort and focus, to raise enough money to go to Ireland for two to three weeks sometime in the next year to two years. That feels soon enough to still feel close in time. Most likely I will simply be brave and head over by myself. My hope is to at some point when I’m there to be able to rent a bike and do some biking as I explore and discover.

I’ve found two podcasts I’m really enjoying. One is the Irish History Podcast hosted by Fin Dwyer. The other is the Celtic Myth Podshow hosted by Gary and Ruth Colcombe. The Celtic Myth show got me in touch with my deep felt spirituality that blossomed when I was 16 years old. Which was when I became convinced that going to Catholic mass every Sunday morning really didn’t speak to my soul. Instead, I felt God and a deep sense of spiritual connection when I was outside.

That has remained true to this day for me. In fact, walking regularly with Sam my dog in the wooded dog parks reminds me that I feel most whole and connected when I am outside in nature.  

Have you ever been to Ireland? Please do tell me your experiences! I’m giving myself plenty of time to learn and explore and discover.

And, to all, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

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4 thoughts on “The Luck of The Irish for all!”

  1. Yeah you for embracing your cultural heritage and making plans to visit Ireland. My own journey to claiming my German heritage has been enriching in similar ways. Happy to cheer you on in whatever ways I can. I’m assuming you’ve been to Merlin’s Rest down the street. I see they have an Irish singing event Sunday night:

    • Thanks for your wise words Linda. That’s wonderful that you can relate to claiming your heritage. I have been to Merlin’s Rest, but I don’t drink beer and don’t generally drink at all, so pubs can be daunting for me. I will see about the event you linked too! THANKS!!

  2. I am not Irish but I could listen to an Irish accent for hours! I have been enjoying Patrick Taylor’s Irish Country series on audio.

    A good part of my background is Dutch. I want to go to Holland some day. Good for you making a plan.

    You are where the healing starts. I am glad you are taking these steps to do so.

    • Hi Cathy!!!
      Irish accents are fantastic!!! I will check out Patrick Taylor’s Irish Country series, thanks!!! I hope you make it to Holland one day in the not so distant future on your strong new knee!
      Healing is indeed a journey. I am on it!

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