Danny Docherty Interview & Insights

I’ve got for you an interview with pro runner and coach extraordinaire Danny Docherty. I met Danny back in February of this year, after I’d declared 2022 my year of running and I joined Run Minnesota. Among the many things that Danny does with his time, one of them is being the Program Director at Run Minnesota. Along with being Program Director, he is the Head Coach of the Spring and Fall Marathon and Half Marathon run programs. Thus he is officially my coach!!

Danny flying by at Grandma’s Marathon on June 18, 2022

Simply put, Danny is an amazing coach. He’s kind, thoughtful, his guidance is genuine, he is considerate of where each of us is in the program and he knows what he’s talking about. Danny has been running for a long time, especially for someone who at the present moment is just 32 years old. Considering I’m 57, that’s young in my book! Plus he’s in graduate school studying sports and exercise. 

I had to interview him and share the interview with you! Take a look and enjoy! Please leave a comment telling us what you learned and any insights you gained as a result of listening to Danny share some of his life and running wisdom with us.

In the event you’d like to connect with Danny, he’s on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can join Run Minnesota and see him at many events. Another option is hire him to be YOUR individual run coach. You will not be disappointed!

Thanks for leaving a comment telling us what you learned after hearing Danny’s wisdom and run stories!

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5 thoughts on “Danny Docherty Interview & Insights”

    • Thanks so much for listening and watching Liz!!! Keep healing up and we shall see you out there running before you know it!!

      • Thanks, Mari for this post and interview with Danny! I learned a lot about him-enjoyed it a lot. I continue to be inspired and admire so much your blogs/posts.
        I am really happy I joined the Run Minnesota training group and hope to do so again in the Spring. I’ve told my Husband that if this Fall’s races go well (City of Lakes half marathon and the Twin Cities 10-mile) I hope to train/run Grandma’s Half next summer. I have run the marathon several times but since I am no longer running marathons, the half marathon is the next best thing. I have not run Grandma’s half marathon before.
        I’ve enjoyed seeing you every week as well-fun group. I have surprised myself a bit; thought I would be slower but have gradually been running a bit faster; I am actually running just a bit faster than Howard’s 11:15 pace group but not quite as fast as the 10:30 group! I tend to be that “in-between” person in most groups I join up with!!!!! Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

        • Colleen,
          Thanks for your kind words! I’m so, so glad you are again in Run Minnesota and I get to see you several times a week! We are both running City of Lakes and the Twin Cities 10 mile race!! And with Danny’s excellent coaching, we will do amazing! So glad you liked the interview!! It was fun to do!
          I hope you’re also having a wonderful day!

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