Transformation of Scars

Every once in a while I write about my breast cancer experience and the scar on my chest. Because I live day in and day out with type 1 diabetes, which consumes my attention, it’s easy for me to forget that I survived two grueling rounds of cancer. Then I look in the mirror and see the beautiful lotus tattoo on my chest. Then I remember.

The cancer journey is not an easy one to take. I am incredibly grateful for the many fellow travelers on this path. A week ago, I got to go to a photo shoot with fellow survivor Judy Timm-Nyhus and photographer Jen Wheeler. Judy is coordinating the Scars book project. A book featuring body-positive photos of breast cancer survivors who have acquired decorative tattoos over their mastectomy scars.

I am in no way a nudist. So, even though I have shown my chest to lots and lots of doctors and I reveal my chest every year at Day Minneapolis-Saint Paul, I still hesitate as I’m taking my shirt off in front of people I’ve just met. I got my shirt off and soon I felt sort of comfortable. Jen calmly and with ease and reassurance started snapping photos. I will be one of the many women to be featured in this book.

To pay for the many expenses of producing such a book, Judy has created a Kickstarter campaign. The way Kickstarter works is it is ALL or NOTHING. So please, please consider making a donation! The money pays for the editing and publishing, attorney’s fees, travel expenses to include women from different parts of the country, rewards, photography and design.

I am pleased to report that quite a number of the women who will be featured in the book, got their tattoos as part of Tattoo Day MSP!! I love organizing for this cause! The video above is of Kathy, one of the Day MSP co-organizers! May she inspire you to make a Kickstarter donation!

Thanks to YOU for being a supporter and believer!

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