It’s Time for The Big Blue Test!!

logobigbluetestIt’s that time again! Time to exercise for at least 14 minutes, and see what happens to your blood sugar AND at the same time, raise money for people with diabetes. Each test will raise $1!!

Here’s what you do:

  1. If you have diabetes you test your blood sugar (no diabetes? no testing!)
  2. You exercise for at least 14-20 minutes.
  3. You test again (if you have diabetes), and
  4. You share your experience on or through the app for iPhone or Android.

Here’s a video that explains it all!

I did my first Big Blue Test of 2014 on Monday. I went running for 20 minutes non-stop. My blood sugar was 198 when I started and when I finished it was 122!!!

I am going to do a Big Blue Test everyday!! All together we will get to 35,000 Big Blue Tests!!! We’ve got to get to this number by November 19th, so everyone, get out there and start dancing, running, walking, cycling, swimming, playing basketball and so forth!!!

And, be sure to leave me a comment, since I love to hear from you!!

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7 thoughts on “It’s Time for The Big Blue Test!!”

    • How did it go Bambi!??
      I did a long, long, very fast walk with my dog Echo!!! Blood sugar did great!
      Today I will do another walk. Then on Saturday, after attending a blogging conference, I will run 2 miles! I’m doing a training plan that will get me to a 10K by Thanksgiving morning!
      On Sunday, I’m going on a 30 mile bike ride with my friend Tammy!
      In fitness & wellness,

    • Bambi!!
      You just motivated me!! I am scheduled for another 20 minute run!!! Now I’m excited to get out there and do it!!
      Together we make good things happen!

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