Mini vacations restore and refresh

About a month ago, my housemate Karen and I were lamenting that both of us are single and the options for vacations are pretty bleak during this coronavirus time. Neither of us wanted to go camping alone or really go anywhere alone. But the options for group outings are not safe and not available. 

Sam in his new life vest. He’s ready for a vacation!!

All of a sudden it hit us! We live together and we enjoy each other’s company and we already breathe the same air. Let’s go on vacation together!!! 

My friends Janeece and Kenny Oatman had just posted on Instagram and Facebook about a fun getaway they had done in Crosby, Minnesota. The AirBnB cabin they had rented allows dogs, so Karen and I can bring our dogs Luci and Sam. I messaged Kenny and Janeece and got the name of the cabin. Karen and I compared calendars and we booked two nights!!!

We went on Thursday, July 30th to the Cuyuna Bike Rack Cottage in Crosby, Minnesota! We’ve got a reservation to go kayaking on Friday. Plus we figured out some fun food to eat and a few long walks and swims we can do with the dogs. 

The town and the area is a big mountain bike hub. Karen and I decided that for this trip we’d simply check it out. Neither of us are mountain bikers, and figuring out bringing or renting bikes just started to get complicated. We want and need a simple get away. Change of scene. Escape for a moment the intensity of this summer.

It’s true, we have privilege to be able to go on a two night three day vacation. Both of us have jobs. We have a vehicle to get us there. (We will ride in one car, both of us and both dogs. Might as well save gas!) We have enough money to pay for such an escape. We are grateful that we have the resources to be able to make this mini vacation happen. 

Our mental health and well-being will be refreshed and restored as we take this timeout. Plus we will be in nature and out of our regular routine. This year has been and likely will continue to be a challenging year. Making time for a rest and temporary escape is needed.

In fact, as you read this post today, we will be in Crosby enjoying our escape. Wherever you are, I hope you too are relaxing and enjoying!!

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2 thoughts on “Mini vacations restore and refresh”

  1. I hope you’re all having a barkingly great time! Changing scenery and routine can be refreshing (she noted to herself, wondering whether it’s time for a small getaway.) Can’t wait time hear whether one or both humans come back with an itch for mountain biking or if it’s just from mosquitos.

    • Christine,
      We had a super fun time!!
      Please, GO ON A LITTLE VACATION!! I know how hard you work. You deserve it!

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