Dynamic stretching for running success

As I mentioned last week, I’m now officially training for a 10K.

I’m amazed that I’m doing a 10K run race two years in a row. I might fall in love with running one day still! In fact, my triathlon friend Jenny, who I’ve mentioned in quite a few of my posts, she got the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon lolo app and my competitive side is curious!!

Jenny is all in for running a 10K with me on Thanksgiving this year! The app she’s using will have her ready for a Half Marathon in January. Hmmm, maybe I could do that too!! What do you think? Want to join us??

One thing I keep thinking about is that I’m now 55 years old and not getting younger. Keeping my body fit and healthy is of top importance, as it likely is for you! Last winter I was going to a run workout at the YWCA every week for almost 16 weeks, and before we did the running set, the coach had us doing dynamic stretching to get warmed up. I realized it was a great way to start the running practice. Way back when I ran TeamWILD, our coaches were also big fans of dynamic stretching. It’s a smart way to warm up the body for an exercise session.

I realized when I run alone the only real warm-up I like to do is the 3 minute walking warm-up. NOT SUFFICIENT!!! I decided to take action. Here for you is the result!

I did some internet searching, watched a bunch of different videos and read a few websites. This is my favorite. I’ve done a few runs since discovering this video and I’ve done this 4-5 minute dynamic stretching routine in my alley before I do my 3 minute walk warm-up. It feels good and I believe it’s helping me stay flexible and strong.

I even signed up for Mark Sisson’s email list! If you give this video a try, let me know in the comments what you think of it!!

Speaking of email lists, I hope you’re on my list! I like staying connected. If not, sign up here! You’ll get a self-care guide I made just for you!

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2 thoughts on “Dynamic stretching for running success”

    • Gina,
      This video is easy to find on YouTube and I’ve been using it before every run and bike. I think it’s making a big difference!!! Glad I could support your stretching efforts!!!

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