Diabetes Awareness Month Will Come Again Next Year and I Until a Cure, I Still Have Diabetes

Another year of a month of blue awareness comes to a close. It’s been a challenging month, but not because of diabetes. For me it’s because of the new president of the USA and because of the difficult challenge the native people at Standing Rock are facing. Our overall dependence on fossil fuel has made me start riding my bike for transportation again. Yup, the weather here in Minnesota is so mild, I can still ride outside.

I’m 30 days into my weight loss and fitness plan and I get an A+ for perfect record keeping on My Fitness Pal and doing at least 7 hours of cardio exercise each week. I’ve stuck with my calorie goal, even on Thanksgiving Day! However, I’ve only lost 2 lbs. I did just read another report on weight loss and the key to successful weight loss isn’t more exercise, it’s fewer calories! That said, I’m going to slightly lower my calorie goal and see how that goes.

I mentioned last week in my blog that I was going to do a TRX class. I went and it was awesome!!! I had an amazing time! During my YWCA Maintain not Gain program, I will go to five more TRX classes! The one thing that surprised me was what a powerful workout I got. It was so powerful, that the next day all day I could feel ab muscles I forgot I have! And, I learned that the muscles in my back like being awake. AND ouch, I hurt!

trx-1730331_1280I realized that Aqua aerobics while fun and an excellent workout; it’s not the same as TRX. Once a week TRX classes won’t build my strength, so, I talked to the teacher, Ben Lee, and I’ve signed up for a YWCA Personal Trainer Intro Package. That will give me four sessions with Ben to learn exercises I can do two or three times a week that will complement the TRX class. I am considering buying a home TRX kit. Here’s one, in case it’s of interest to you!

I start training for the 2017 Tour de Cure Twin Cities 100-mile ride on Sunday, January 29th, so from now till then, I am going to focus on building muscle as I lose some pounds!

donMy reward system is keeping me motivated too! I’ve “won” a massage and a coloring book journal so far! The other thing that keeps me motivated is following the many Athletes with Type 1 Diabetes who post on the Facebook page.  One recent athlete who posted is Don MuchowThe amazing Don ran four, yes FOUR marathons in four days!!! That is one marathon per day four days in a row! Don has had type 1 for a LONG time and he obviously loves running! As I was hurting from my TRX workout, I just kept thinking about Don and I quit whining!

To all of you, Welcome to December! I hope your Diabetes Awareness Month went well! One VERY cool thing, on November 14th: World Diabetes Day, Google made their doodle celebrate Sir Frederick Banting, one of the scientists who discovered insulin! Here it is:





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