Broken ankle and foot means chair exercises! Join me!!

Hello everyone! So, I have had some very bad luck this week. On Monday 4/2, I got home from work and it was snowing. I changed into my run clothing and went outside to test the sidewalks. Thankfully, they were not slippery. So I turned on my Couch to 5K run app on my phone and I set out.

15 minutes into the run, my left toe hit an uneven sidewalk HARD, causing me to trip and fall. On my way down, I heard a crack. (NOT a fun sound to hear!) I stayed down in the snow and I swore at the top of my lungs for a solid 30 seconds, which is a long time and a lot of swear words can be said!!!

Thankfully, a woman driving by saw me fall and she pulled over and asked if I’d like a ride home. I said yes. She helped me hobble to her car. As soon as I got home, I called my public health, movement advocate, Lean In bridge-builder friend Linda who came and picked me up and drove me to Twin Cities Orthopedic. It felt like a HORRIBLE repeat of my broken ankle adventure from May 2016. Thankfully, I had a pair of crutches handy this go around.

Boot for the 2 fractures!

Sure enough, the x-rays confirmed that I had broken my left ankle again. Different spot than in 2016. However, this time I ALSO had a non-displaced left 5th metatarsal jones fracture. Meaning I broke my foot in addition to my distal fibula. DANG.

Linda, being amazing and a health advocate, asked Dr. Paul Dworak, SAME DOCTOR I saw in 2016!!, if the break had anything to do with me having diabetes. He said, “No way, just bad luck.” That was strangely reassuring. I do wonder if my bones are getting weaker, as they do as we age and after having chemo.

When I got home, I finally cried. My life dramatically changed in a matter of seconds. Reading this post about 7 Truths about Healing by Heather the Yoga Nerd, got me in touch with my emotions.#1: Learn to love yourself – every little bit. Even my broken bones deserve love. That brought more tears. Thank you Heather for the reminder.

No longer can I do the mini-triathlon I was going to do this coming Sunday at the YWCA. It will be weeks or months before I can run again. Cycling is out for now, which means I may not be able to do any distance at the Tour de Cure Twin Cities on June 2nd. And, swimming is out of the picture for a while too. WHAT’S LEFT?

I remembered from two years ago: CHAIR EXERCISES! And weight lifting. Yesterday, I found Paul Eugene again. Here’s the session I did immediately!


I invite YOU to give it a try!! I did work up a little sweat and I found myself smiling ear to ear!

I go see the ankle/foot orthopedic doctor on April 13th. I will let you know more when I know more! In the meantime, keep moving!! Chair exercising is fun and you do get a workout! Paul Eugene is amazing!

With love,


P.S. The day after I broke my ankle and foot, the YWCA posted a little interview they did with me on their blog. In it, I mentioned when I broke my ankle two years ago!! Interesting how timing works out!

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4 thoughts on “Broken ankle and foot means chair exercises! Join me!!”

  1. Mari I am so sorry you were injured again. I have been there many times and it can be such a blow mentally. But I am glad you found something to keep the exercise going while your body heals. Time will pass and you will recover and be back at it again. Sending lots of love your way. <3

    • Anne,
      Thanks SO much for your super kind words!!! I greatly appreciate them. I am glad I found chair fitness!! It makes me laugh if nothing else! Plus soon, I think they will let me swim, as long as I wear an air cast over my ankle so it doesn’t move or get moved by the water!
      Sending love to you also!

  2. Hi Mari! I’m glad you liked my blog 7 Truths about Healing! You take great care of your body so I am sure your ankle will heal quickly. I just wanted to reassure you that all the exercise you do is strengthening your awesome bones. My fun fact I love to tell clients: When babies are born, they have shapeless “bones” in their bodies that are basically cartilage. As the baby builds up muscle, those muscles strengthen and pull on the bones where they connect. That pulling tells the bones to build more bone. So all the shapes in bones are created by the muscles building. This is why doctors say weight bearing exercise is so important in avoiding osteoporosis. So, don’t worry about brittle bones unless you are taking a medication that weakens bones, like you mentioned chemo. I’m sorry you ran into bad luck, literally. Keep your spirits up and you will be running again soon. With love and blessings, Heather the Yoga Nerd.

    • Heather the Yoga Nerd,
      SO wonderful to hear from you!!!!! I love reading your blogs! Grateful I found you through Intentional Blog! I am doing my best to keep taking care of my body! As I’m writing this, I’m eating some raw veggies as a snack! In a few moments, I will be doing my chair dancing/fitness!! Which will include stretching and a few yoga moves!! Thanks for your kind words and insights about bones!
      With love,

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