Panama exploration for internships, OH MY!

I did get to see and feel the ocean!

What a busy week it was in Panama.  It was work, and thankfully, I love my work! From the moment we arrived until the moment we left, we were in meetings here and there and everywhere!

As anticipated, everything moved at a slower, very humid, warm pace. And yes, there was a lot of random waiting and not being sure of what would happen exactly next. We spent most of the week in the arquipelago of Bocas del Toro in Panama, where tourism is flourishing and the natural environment is at risk.

Highlights of the trip included:

  • Seeing a sloth or three
  • Meeting a very pregnant iguana
  • Hearing and seeing a range of amazing, bright colored wild parrots
  • Feasting my eyes on gorgeous tropical flowers
  • Walking along the ocean and hiking in the jungle
  • Swimming for a little bit in the warm ocean and seeing lovely fish through my googles
  • Not suffering from motion sickness on the daily water taxi rides
  • Getting to know Lindsey, Christine, Karen, BJ, Zach, Sol, Theresa, Jarisa and Selena
  • Speaking Spanish again
  • Exploring all the amazing internship opportunities for UMN undergrads that are available, especially for students in the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Sciences, which is the college I work for!
Sadie, Alita, Mari & Charlie at the City of Knowledge in Panama City

And best of all, I am very grateful for the bit of time I got to spend seeing my brother’s dear friend Charlie Kersey who lives with his family in Panama. Charlie brought his daughters Alita and Sadie to Panama City on our last day, and we had lunch at the City of Knowledge EXACTLY during the World Cup game where Panama played!! It was very fun to hear the loud cheering and joy at the moment the Panamanian team scored a goal!

I’m very glad I had the opportunity to go to Panama this past week. My diabetes was in good control. I’m very thankful for my continuous glucose monitor and my insulin pump, both of which make things easier to navigate, diabetes-wise!

I’m not sure where things will go for me traveling with a group of students to Panama. Time will tell!

In the meantime, here are some photos!!

Hasta luego!


Plastic bottle house in Bocas Town
Can you see the sloth hanging from the tree?!
A few of the MANY amazing flowers
Pregnant iguana
One of the dogs at Red Frog
Red Frog at Red Frog Resort
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6 thoughts on “Panama exploration for internships, OH MY!”

  1. Mari

    I just reviewed all the emails I had sent to my OmniFocus app and one of them was your birthday blog. (I know I´m way behind the times.) But wow! Am I glad I didn’t miss that. I loved it. It was honest and from the heart and I feel ya… honey I really do. Now I found this blog about your Panama trip. I totally get what you are saying about “tourism flourishing and the environment is at risk.” My thoughts exactly while in the Gili islands of Indonesia. I’m glad others see it that way. It’s good to talk about it, blog about it. We as humans have gotta change our relationship with the environment. Your pictures are vibrant and it sounds like you had a great trip. Thanks for this blog. I really enjoy it’s honesty. You are a beautiful trip.

    Take care my beautiful friend!

    • Molly!!!
      Thanks for your wonderful words. I know you get it and things and the need for us to care more for our precious environment.
      Soon we can hang out!

  2. I also enjoyed hearing about your trip both in-person and via this blog. You are very kind to share your experiences, insights, and connections.

  3. It was great getting to follow your trip! So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing these highlights.

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