Need Motivation?

Ever get so busy that when you have a moment to rest and reflect, all you can imagine doing is jumping around? I mean literally jumping!

It’s Saturday, and I’m finally at another writing retreat created by Tony of Blue Harbor. We are all at Lake Owen in Cable, Wisconsin, and it’s a writing session. We write in 1 hour 20 minute chunks. Easy enough.

I have had a very busy couple of weeks. So busy that I had a few things I had to do this morning, which resulted in not getting started on Chapter 7: You Are What You Eat. That’s chapter 7 of the book I am bound and determined to finish by the end of 2017. Potentially it will be the most difficult chapter to write.

I got all the things finished and it was time to start on the chapter. All I wanted to do energetically was go out for a run or to dance or to just jump around outside. I did go outside and shake a bunch. Plus earlier this week I attended a QiGong session at the #MidWestHealth Conference, and Master Lin taught a few excellent moves to unblock energy. I did a few of the moves he taught us. Thankfully that helped my energy.

That said, I have NOT started writing this chapter! I’m hung up on what to say about sports nutrition and the endurance athlete. Let me tell you all the reasons I’m not qualified to teach you or anyone about sports nutrition and endurance athletics:
• I am not a registered dietitian (RD)
• I am not a sports dietitian
• Sports nutrition is complicated

I just heard my wise Inner Healer voice and my Guardian Angels all together chime up to ask me to list the reasons I am qualified to write this chapter! Here goes:

• I am an endurance athlete and I have figured out how to eat for balanced diabetes and energy while I perform endurance athletic events
• I have read a LOT of nutrition books about sports nutrition
• I have consulted with many wise sports RD’s

Oh yes, I can listen to that inner wisdom and my Guardian Angels! Thanks everyone for reminding me that I can write this chapter!

My book will be coming soon!

Love & gratitude to all this beautiful Saturday!

Mari, from Lake Owen where I am NOW busy actually writing!

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