Mr. Divabetic Talks About Diabetes & Breast Cancer!

On Tuesday, July 22, 2014, I was on Mr. Divabetic’s Blog Talk Radio Show about Diabetes and Breast Cancer. He had several amazing guests, and even I learned a few things.


One key thing that sits with me as crucial, is that moving your body and maintaining a healthy diet are the keys to success. And that said, health challenges can and do emerge, even if you are doing everything “right.”

The fact that I got breast cancer twice, well, considering that my BMI (body mass index) has never been above 25, and thus I’ve always been in the “normal” range in terms of body mass and weight. I have exercised regularly and consistently for the past 18 or more years, and for literally my entire life, I have followed a very healthy diet. In addition, I don’t have a family history of breast cancer. I don’t have any genetic markers for breast cancer.

And, for what it’s worth, none of the research I’ve done, and I’ve done quite a bit of looking on-line, has indicated that type 1 diabetes puts me at risk for breast cancer. There is some indication that having type 2 diabetes can put one at risk for breast cancer, but that doesn’t hold up with type 1.

Go figure. I’ve had breast cancer twice. ¬†And I’m still alive and still doing well! I hope that since I plan to keep moving, I don’t eat meat, gluten or dairy, and I do eat lots of plants and very little processed food of any sort, that with the daily meditation I do, that all this will combine to keep me healthy and strong for many years to come!

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    • He’s a wonderful guy! The show was fun, and Mr. Divabetic wants to have me back! We’re talking to set something up! Thanks do much Karen!!

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