Moving from “How to” to “Sports Memoir”

I mentioned in my post two weeks ago that I’ve made a writing transition in the book I’m writing. I’ve gone from crafting a “how to” book, namely a book about how to become an endurance athlete in the face of chronic health challenges, to writing a sports memoir book that along the way will teach people who are inclined to become endurance athletes how to do so.

This transition shouldn’t be that big a deal. For me it is. It was such a big deal, I knew I needed help to make this book a reality. As I was thinking about 2019, I made a big decision. I joined the Jeff Goins Write a Bestseller online cohort that started on February 5th. I was at work on February 5th, so I couldn’t watch the kickoff live video with Jeff, so I watched the video on February 7th. Wouldn’t you know, that is the exact same day that my Dexcom G5 transmitter died AND that day my new Dexcom G6 transmitter and new continuous glucose monitoring system arrived!!

Sam giving his approval of the new Dexcom G6 system!

It was a very lucky diabetes day!!! I viewed this as a fun signal from the Universe that I was supported in this book writing endeavor. After all, my main chronic health challenge is type 1 diabetes.

In fact, watching the introduction that Jeff did with the group in this cohort of Write a Bestseller was so uplifting and hope filled that I immediately felt a sense of “I can do this” that I hadn’t felt in well over a year. The course is set up in modules and the first module is called “Your Big Book Idea and Research.” I’d done more than half of it before February 7th, but I went back and re-did a few of the sessions. Namely the one where you create your argument.

Here is the argument for my book:

Every person who has a chronic health challenge or who has survived trauma can become an amateur endurance athlete.

Coming up with my argument took me a while. My intention is to indeed write a best seller, and I am going to DO THIS!!! Step by step. I’ve already written more than 50,000 words, and despite that, it does feel a bit like I’m starting over. And finally that is okay.

I was starting to feel like a total failure last fall. (That’s why I didn’t write for over two months.) I was getting down on myself, telling myself I was a wuss. That I wasn’t smart enough to write this book. That no one would ever want to read this book even if I ever did get it written. Plus, I was scared beyond belief to be MORE vulnerable and tell more of my story in this book. Going through the emotions of ambiguous loss and estrangement that I did this fall, compounded my feelings of helplessness.

For those of you who know me, I am a pretty upbeat person. I feel incredibly lucky that I don’t suffer with depression. That said, I am NOT always upbeat and hopeful. I often feel very alone and isolated. I often don’t think people notice me or care that I exist. Luckily I do have amazing friends and I’ve learned over the years that it helps beyond measure to reach out and connect when these feelings get overwhelming.

Another thing that helps is that long ago I was a passionate student of astrology, and by studying astrology I learned that one thing we can all count on is that emotions will change. The key is to remember that they do change. And to breathe into the changingness of the emotional landscape.

The result is now that I have my argument and I’ve started my research, I am making this book a reality. I have an amazing writing group that meets once a month. I have new colleagues who are also in the Write a Bestseller cohort and I am part of a Lean In Together Peer Coaching Circle with women who support my writing goals. All of that reminds me I am NOT alone and that I DO matter!!!

Can you relate? Please, keep checking in, I love hearing from you!!

And, in advance, thank you to all of you who would like to read my book when it comes out!!! Which will happen in the not so distant future!

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4 thoughts on “Moving from “How to” to “Sports Memoir””

  1. I look forward to being able to purchase your book when it comes out.
    I have lived with type 2 diabetes for almost 22 years and in the last two and a half years have had trauma.
    (Hit by a car as a pedestrian, one freak bike accident, and lately dealing with skin cancer.)
    Recovering isn’t always easy but I know you and others have been through more than I have.
    Thanks for blogging

    • John,
      WOW! Thanks for your super kind words. Diabetes, whatever type, is no easy condition to live with and to keep moving the body in spite/despite these many challenges is courage and perseverance!! You get a gold medal for continuing on!!!! I am so sorry you are dealing with skin cancer and all of it. And what matters is what YOU are dealing with, so hang in there and HUGE thank you for telling me you’ll buy my book when it does come out! I’m doing about 4 hours today on it!!! Your kind comment got me geared up!

  2. You’ve got this! I love opening my email and finding your blog waiting for me! I am so tired when I get home from the gym. Then I get your encouraging words.

    As for me, I have been cleared to start pushing through the pain. So I am back to working hard on my range. My awesome trainer Tarey has been the best help. She pushes me when I think I can’t go on. Here’s to pedalling that bike forward. I am so close to going backwards again after the tendonitis injury. I’m going to keep at it and remember I am an athlete too!

    • Cathy,
      You inspire me!!! Thanks SO MUCH for your super kind words. I’m excited for you that you get to work out a little bit harder and a little bit more!! You are a champion, that’s for sure!!! So glad you have Tarey on your side and pushing you just a little bit. Trainers are the best, I agree!! You for sure are an athlete!!!

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