2018 Is Going to be a GREAT Year!!

I love the turn of the year. As a holiday, January 1st is my favorite. I love new beginnings. I love the opportunity to reflect on the successes of the past year and the goal, aspirations and hopes I have for the coming year.

I’ve always been a goal oriented person, so the fact that it’s normal to talk about goals and resolutions this time of year, feels fantastic. Fitting in and belonging are basic human needs, and to not be weird for once is a great feeling.

My dear friend Linda Brandt, who is a Public Health person, she loves this time of year because 365 days a year she thinks about health and wellness, and in January to do that is NORMAL!!! I agree with Linda, I too am pretty obsessed with health and wellness, and to be fully in sync with the general population does indeed feel really good!!

I am going to be BRAVE and share my list of Goals and Resolutions with all of you here today. Breathe in and breathe out. Telling you all helps hold myself accountable. I created five main areas on which I am going to focus. They are in all caps! Then in each Goal area, I listed action plans and action steps I intend to take. The two really big areas for me are in the Love and Writing areas. I am guessing that when you read this list you will figure out which ones are the BIG ones!!!

My 2018 Vision Board

Thanks for taking a look. And for sure let me know what you’re going to work on for 2018!!! I always love to hear from you. Later in January 2018, I’m hosting my third time Vision Board party. At that party, I will create a vision board that artistically puts these goals out into the Universe. I do believe the Universe does support us! Our job is to set the intention and put out the invitation. Here is my invitation.




2018 Goals & Resolutions for Mari Ruddy


  • Start dating! Go on at least one fun date per month
  • Dare myself to go to events where date-able men will be
  • Update my OKC profile, explore other possible dating platforms
  • Tell my friends I am available for dating
  • Get another dog
  • Keep up with old friends + make new friends


  • Get my weight to 150 lbs by working with the dietitian
  • Train and do the YWCA Minneapolis triathlon with Brooke and friends
  • Train and ride 45 – 60 mile Tour de Cure Twin Cities + Raise $1000
  • Train and ride 310 miles St Paul to Canada with Shirlene and friends
  • Plant + grow kale and other yummy veggies
  • Keep cooking and eating clean and healthy


  • Send edited book to my PBOD
  • Find a great editor & get the book edited
  • Send book to Sheryl
  • Blog 1 – 3 times a month on my website
  • Have a clear publishing plan in action


  • Continue organizing P.ink Day MSP
  • Continue leading Lean In Together MSP
    • CORE Work Group
    • Social Media/Website Work Group
    • Peer Coaching Circle at UMN
  • Propose trip to Panama


  • Keep learning about and organizing my retirement accounts
  • Save $3600. That’s $300 per month
  • Get strategic and intentional about marketing LinkedIn Profile Magic
  • Relaunch my speaking business
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