Yoga inversions for calm, energy and to support your immune system

Happy first day of May! 

May just happens to be one of my most favorite months, likely because my birthday is May 12th!!! Also, tulips and daffodils are blooming and lilacs burst forth! All colors and flowers I love wholeheartedly!

How are you hanging in with this challenging coronavirus time? I must admit, I’m experiencing a wide variety of emotions nearly every day, and I really, really miss acupuncture, massage and hugs. I find that I need to stop and just breathe deeply at minimum 9 times a day, to calm my body and mind down and get grounded again.

In the past, I was a pretty serious yoga practitioner. After all, I lived in Santa Cruz, California from 1988 until 2003. I practiced yoga almost the entire time I lived in Santa Cruz. Back in the day, I could even do headstand poses, known as inversion poses. Then I got breast cancer twice and had a mastectomy. Along the way, I lost my yoga drive. 

It’s been almost 8 years that I’ve lived in Minnesota and I confess, I’ve not done much yoga in these years. Now and then I’ve dabbled, but nothing serious, that’s for sure. I do know that inversion poses are super good for the immune system, and the circulatory system, plus lots of other good things. I’ve even written a few blog posts about the value of the easy inversion pose, Feet Up The Wall.

Since the mastectomy, doing headstands has become extremely difficult for me, primarily due to the scar tissue in and around my shoulder. During this stay-at-home moment, Facebook seemed to pick up on my renewed interest in yoga and it started placing ads for various yoga classes and devices. Of course, I am not alone in my renewed interest in yoga!!! Are YOU doing more yoga during this time??

One caught my eye, the FeetUp Trainer. Of course I had to do some research. Here’s one of the reviews I read. Yup, the FeetUp got top reviews. I took action and used some of my tax refund to get it. I’ve had it about three weeks now and I use it two to three times every single day! Well worth the investment!!

Here’s a video of me doing an inversion! Enjoy and let me know if you’re doing any inversions these days. Or yoga of any sort!! One yoga teacher I’m enjoying is Adriene. She’s got a great YouTube channel. 

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FeetUp asanas poster! Lots of ideas
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