Birthday Fun! May you be happy, healthy and at peace

I mentioned last week in my post about doing inversions that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the month of May!!! 

Mari and Sam loving May!

Big reason I love May is that the 12th is my birthday. I’ve always loved birthdays. When I was a kid my family had a rule, we only got a full fledged birthday party every other birthday. I remembered how much fun I had the years I got to invite my friends over for games and cake. 

Here we are this year in the season of quarantine. I had other ideas as I was thinking how I would celebrate turning 55 in 2020. One plan was to take a 4 day solo trip to Mexico. Another idea was to fly to California to hang out with my BFF Ara. Then I thought I would just do an elaborate staycation and gather groups of friends every day for 3 or 4 days for bike rides, running and pool swims. 

THEN coronavirus hit. Re-tool the plans. I can’t in real life gather with any of my friends. As you know, I’m not in a romantic relationship and I’m estranged from my biological family. Thus, my friends are my family. What to do?

I pondered and then it came to me. Lots of people are doing it, join the Zoom bandwagon. The end result, here’s my birthday plan.

I invited 39 friends from all parts of my life. This is the number of years I have successfully lived with diabetes. Fun coincidence. As of today, a few days before my Zoom open house, 26 people have said they will drop in! This makes me SO happy! 

The invitation reads as follows…

Dear Friends,

You are invited to join me on Tuesday, May 12th to drop into an OPEN HOUSE Zoom gathering from 7 – 8pm Central time to chat and raise a glass of water to help me celebrate that I’ve made it another cycle around the sun.

My wish, since my main Love Language is Words of Affirmation, is that you would share 2 things with me when you drop in to this Zoom Open House.

#1. Tell me what you were doing when you were 55, if you are older than 55. Or, if you are younger than 55, tell me what you hope you are doing when you’re 55!

#2. Tell me a wish you have for me. I love ideas and I adore getting inspired. As you likely know, I am a big fan of magic and this bit of wish giving would delight my soul!

Since Zoom meetings can be a bit exhausting, please just drop in when you have time from 7 – 8pm Central time and and tell me, and any who are gathered, these two items and then you can bow out of the gathering!! No need to even say goodbye!! Just drop in and out!!!

I hope you can join!

With love and gratitude that you are in my life!

Mari, a single gal who misses seeing her friends in real life to hug and laugh

What do you think of my idea? Feel free to borrow any and all of it. This is the time of finding, making and keeping connections alive and well. 

Plan for May 12th

During the day on May 12th, I will go on a solo bike ride, the weather looks good! Then for dinner, my housemate and I will get take out to go and eat gluten free cupcakes. Then the Zoom Open House celebration! My BFF Ara has agreed to sit in for the whole Zoom event, as having someone witness all these wishes and 55 year old stories is helpful and lovely. I’m so glad I asked her to sit in for the whole event! 

That’s the plan! I’m excited and nervous. I figure that’s the sign of a good event. I’ll let you know how it goes next week. 

With appreciation that you’re here with me! Know that I’m with you!

For everyone, whenever YOUR birthday happens, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Gluten free cupcakes for sure!!

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  1. I loved your idea Mari on how you plan to celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday in advance! My wish for you is to stay healthy, keep smiling so that you can continue to spread it and find peace in your heart every night before you go to bed.

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