How breast cancer healing happens with ink and community

You all know that I have been living with diabetes for 37 years and that much of my life and drive to keep up with endurance training is because my diabetes management is exponentially better when I regularly exercise. (oh yes, turns out that’s true for most of us, diabetes or not!)  I don’t talk … Read more

Breast Cancer Sucks AND There Is a Silver Lining #PinkTattooDay

Mari's lotus tattoo, Day 2013
Mari’s lotus tattoo, Day 2013

No two ways about it, breast cancer, and all cancer, sucks. It interrupts life in a big way. It causes anxiety, fear and trauma, to name just a few of the difficult emotions. Cancer hit me twice, and both times it knocked me flat on my face. I cried harder than I have ever cried and it made me very angry. Both times, I found I had to reach deep inside myself to find strength to carry on. Both times I had to look hard to find a silver lining.

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