Weight lifting: lose weight and change your body for confidence and strength

Over the past month or so,  I’ve noticed an increase in my confidence. I was reflecting on why that is and what came to mind is how good I feel in my body. I’ve lost 17 pounds so far and my blood sugar is more in range than it was a year ago.  I’ve been … Read more

Exercise accountability and celebration when gyms aren’t very safe

I like lifting weights. I don’t love it, but I do like it. What about you? What’s your relationship to lifting weights?  My friend Linda Brandt is a weight lifting wonder. She’s a tiny powerhouse who can lift BIG weight. She regularly surprises people she encounters at the local YWCA with how much weight she … Read more

Goodbye for now Lean In Together MSP

Feminism awakens I remember being a senior in high school at Saint Paul Central High School and getting elected president of the student council. Right away, I realized that women’s rights were different than men’s rights. I noticed that adults in the school treated the female officers different than the male officers. It was as … Read more