Remember your resilience, you are worth it

How are you holding up? It’s possible I’m the 647th person who’s asked you that this week. This worldwide pandemic situation has got us asking about the welfare of those around us. I sure appreciate being asked how I’m doing. I’ve noticed I ask my friends and colleagues how they are doing more than I … Read more

The Shadow Is Calling You

sunset-1016345_1920Do you have a shadow? Are you wondering, “What is a shadow?” I’m not talking about your body shape that appears on the concrete when the sun hits you in a certain way. The shadow I’m talking about is what Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung called the “unknown dark side of the personality.”

I want to talk about shadows because the violence and the terrorism and the difficulties of life in the United States, where I live, are reaching a critical point. As a result of my sadness and grief and anger, I found myself thinking and wondering, what can I do? How can I help? Talking about shadows made sense as something I could offer.

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