Remember your resilience, you are worth it

Pandemic sidewalk chalk art beauty

How are you holding up?

It’s possible I’m the 647th person who’s asked you that this week. This worldwide pandemic situation has got us asking about the welfare of those around us. I sure appreciate being asked how I’m doing. I’ve noticed I ask my friends and colleagues how they are doing more than I have in the past. We’ve all recently learned that how we are doing can change on a dime.

I attended a Hoffman Institute teleclass earlier this week for Hoffman graduates called “Resilience in Challenging Times.” I participated in Hoffman in January of 2010, a whole decade ago, and even now I still use many of the tools I learned way back then.

Tools such as disconnecting intentionally with my shadow side, self compassion, checking in with my spiritual guide, meditation, visualization, and naming my feelings and as I do so not judging myself for having whatever feeling I’m having. Turns out these tools are VERY useful in moments of uncertainty, which we are collectively experiencing daily.

At the teleclass, they did a wonderful hour long experiential activity where we practiced moving back and forth between a constricted, triggered space and an open, whole, centered space. I was astonished and so very grateful to experientially be reminded of how helpful it is to notice that I can feel and listen to my body in each space. When I intentionally moved my body into the open, whole, centered space I could breathe more deeply, sense my center, feel my feet and trust my heart and inner wisdom.

Spring flowers in the garden at my home

The biggest insight I gained and have been using this week, is that as I notice fear arising, or panic surfacing about this pandemic, or confusion about what I should prioritize, I can purposefully move my body into the open, whole, centered space.

This small, simple act dramatically shifts my focus and miraculously, my mood. It allows my nervous system to relax and move back into action and thus my brain can again strategize and problem-solve. It’s a beautiful action that is possible to do many times a day, as I seem to need these days.

I hope you are holding up with resilience and fortitude as we isolate ourselves in our homes. I am grateful for so many things in this challenging time, you, those who read my blog, thank you. And may you feel some calm and love as you navigate.

Please do tell me how you are. I am listening, and I care.

“Highly resilient people are flexible, adapt to new circumstances quickly, and thrive in constant change. Most important, they expect to bounce back and feel confident that they will. They have a knack for creating good luck out of circumstances that many others see as bad luck.” ~Al Siebert, Ph.D.

Sidewalk chalk art reminder

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2 thoughts on “Remember your resilience, you are worth it”

  1. Thank you, Mari, for these reminders of how mindfulness of our feelings and visualization can help us through hard times. I also appreciate your photos of hopeful things like flowers coming up and sidewalk chalk messages–very inspiring!

    • Jenny,
      Fantastic to hear from you! I’m glad you liked my reminders that I got from the webinar I attended with the Hoffman Institute. This blog just flowed out of me… I was surprised as my intention was to write about gardening when I sat down. As a fellow writer, I knew you’d appreciate that!! And yes, the collective creativity with chalk art is fun to see in the world. Makes me want to purchase some chalk myself! Namaste dear fellow triathlete.

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