5 LinkedIn Tips for 2022 Success

It’s time to update and improve your LinkedIn profile!! I work with people who want to up their LinkedIn profile presence and I help folks who want to increase their activity on LinkedIn. It’s true, I enjoy LinkedIn and all that’s possible to learn and discover when you use LinkedIn regularly. It’s a fantastic way … Read more

Five Tips for LinkedIn Power in 2021

Every year I like to give you a few tips you can use to enhance your LinkedIn presence. After all, LinkedIn is professional social media. It’s a great way to professionally network and an excellent method to convey who you are in an authentic, powerful manner.  Maybe you’re looking for a new job or maybe … Read more

6 tips to bring magic and value to your 2020 LinkedIn profile!

If you’ve hung around me for a bit of time, you know that I am a big fan of LinkedIn. At my office at the University of Minnesota, I’m known as the “LinkedIn Guru.” It’s true, I have fun with LinkedIn, and I especially love helping people improve their profile to get more traction from … Read more

7 Action Steps to Spiff-Up Your 2019 LinkedIn Profile!

I love LinkedIn. It’s that simple. When I owned TeamWILD Athletics, I discovered that many of my clients found us through my involvement on LinkedIn. That was a big revelation. Then as someone who loves networking, I discovered that checking out people I’d met at an event on LinkedIn was a great way to cement … Read more