Power Pose for Inner Confidence

I was in San Diego attending the Aligning Forces for Quality, Improving Health and Health Care in Communities Across America, National Conference a few weeks ago. One of the sessions I attended was by Denise Graveline of don’t get caught. She taught a 90 minute workshop called How To Give A Killer Presentation. It was fantastic!! I am a public speaker and it was affirming that I did almost all of the key things she suggested we do.


One of the suggestions that really caught my attention and has appeared a few times over the past few weeks is her first bit of advice.

Just Start.

In fact, start with a question. Start talking, don’t introduce yourself, don’t clear your throat, don’t adjust the microphone, don’t establish your credentials, don’t thank all the amazing people who got you on the stage.

This requires that you are willing to metaphorically, be naked from the moment you step onto stage. Which means you have to establish your power and authority BEFORE you step on stage!!! I love this!!! In fact, before almost all of my speeches I go to a nearby bathroom and I jump around. I do a few YES Chants, that’s a Tony Robbins technique, where you say yes over and over again. I’ve taught groups of teenagers the Yes Chant!!! It was one of the early positive thinking techniques I learned and as I am known to do, I immediately passed it on to those around me.

Another key part of how I prepare when I give a talk, is I do a Power Pose. I didn’t know that’s what I was doing, I just figured it out from the Yes Chant and all the jumping around I did to get my energy flowing. It turns out that Amy Cuddy, a professor at Harvard, studied the internal impact of doing 2 minutes of power posing. We can change our mind by changing our body. It’s incredible!!! By standing, or sitting, in a power pose for two full minutes (not that long really) we raise our testosterone levels and we lower our cortisol levels. Yes, those are hormones in our bodies that play an important role in our success and in our ability to handle stressful situations.

A few days ago, I saw on my Facebook News Feed a post by an Ironman gal, she did her FIRST Ironman Triathlon at age 60!!! and I was there in Wisconsin and saw her cross the finish line!!, anyhow a few days ago, she posted something about doing a Power Pose at the start line of a triathlon. To get you in the right frame of mind for success. I loved this application of a Power Pose. Change your body, change your mind, change your success!!!

Take a few moments and listen to Amy Cuddy give her TEDGlobal Talk about Power Poses and the power of Fake It Till You Become It. And while you are at it, sign up for my newsletter. I want to stay in touch with you!





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