The joy of birthdays!

Today I turn 56, which means I was born on May 12, 1965 on a Wednesday, which today, May 12, 2021 happens to also be a Wednesday. I like fun coincidences like that!

I enjoy birthdays and today to celebrate I’m riding my bike to the pool for a swim and then I’m riding my bike for a few hours. Then in the early evening I’m going to a birthday party gathering outside at my friend Monica’s house. 

A few months ago, I found a VHS video that my long-time colleague and friend Larry Knapp made for my 29th birthday which was in 1994. Larry was a fellow teacher at Harbor High School and in 1994 no one had cell phones. Larry was a very creative graphic designer art teacher and he was honing his camcorder skills. He decided to make a VHS tape celebrating my birthday.

Here’s the lovely 45 minute video he gifted to me so long ago!!!

The thing that stands out for me in this video is the long lasting good energy I brought to my work at Harbor. I loved those students and my fellow teachers!! It’s beautiful to see all the smiles, dancing, singing, and love in all the messages from so many people. 

Here are a few highlights and the place in the video where they show up, in case you want to see someone in particular!

Larry, Ken and Janet – all of you have moved to the next realm. I’m sure you are all in heaven. Thank you for being a beautiful influence on my life. 

4:25    Aloha

4:51     Kristy Schwee with Megan and Emily 

6:08     ASB singing Happy Birthday and doing the YES YES YES chant!

7:05    Whitney and Jesse

8:44    Megan

9:13    Emily

10:47    Amy

11:48    Emily and Emily

12:55    Mick Routh

13:55    Kristy Schwee

16:45    Larry and Dan, counselors

18:23    Taj, Justin, Peter – FNL Lip Sync: music is muted because of copyright issues 🙁

20:47    Lots of photos from ASB, Link Crew, around Harbor, including Marvin

23:09    Rachel Balsley doing a cartwheel

24:59    Singing Closer to fine

26:08    Jo Anne Hughes

26:52    Janet Fogel, sending her birthday wishes

28:06    Taj and Josh

30:50    Jen Pinkham

30:50    What was happening in 1965, the year of my birth

32:43    the awesome Custodians

34:45    Ken Thomas, the amazing principal

35:35    Cory and Mikayla

36:32    Sarah Virello

37:00    Rachel Balsley

38:02    Patty Cox and Emily Dufour – math teachers

40:58    Emily Bernard, Aloha Record and group singing Happy Birthday with fun glasses

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  1. Cool Car! Hope you get lots of donations so this disease of ours can be cured!! Thanks for being on Paul’s Pedalers!! Congrats on all 30 years of riding in the Tour de Cure. I only have 22 years from when the ride began in the Twin Cities (MN).

    • Thanks about that 1969 Volkswagen bug!! I loved that car!!! Very Santa Cruz as they say!! It was pure happenstance that I found the Tour de Cure in California in 1991!!! So glad I’m now on Paul’s Pedalers!!! See you June 5th!!

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