The future of work and the coronavirus vaccine

Have you been wondering when it will be your turn to get the vaccine of the year? Here in Minnesota, the Health Department is vaccinating these groups right now:

Who can get their vaccine now?

  • Minnesotans aged 65 or older
  • Health care workers, including paid and unpaid primary caregivers for people with complex medical needs
  • Long-term care residents and staff members at long-term care facilities in Minnesota
  • Pre-kindergarten through Adult Basic and Community Education school staff members, or contracted school staff members, at schools in Minnesota
  • Child care staff members at licensed and certified child care centers or programs in Minnesota

According to the above list, since I work at a 1st grade – 12th grade school, Great River School, that is in Minnesota, as a part-time internship consultant, I can get the vaccine now. 

I have signed up on the state-wide system, and at a few other locations that are offering the vaccine. I check my Great River School email address every few hours, however, nothing yet. Our governor just made an announcement opening up vaccines to additional groups, as we’ve hit 70% of people 65 and older are now vaccinated. Good news!

The moment they email me to schedule my appointment, I will get to the vaccine site early! But only 15 minutes early, as they don’t want people piling up on each other. I’ve never wanted a vaccine as badly as I want this one. Can you relate?

At the same time, I take being careful very seriously. I will continue to be careful as long as it’s critical that we do so. I make an effort to get in-and-out as quickly as possible from any store I need to visit. I’ve gotten my grocery shopping down to a less than 45 minute visit about every two weeks. I make a point of going when the traffic is less and when I’m in the store I wear two masks tucked close to my face. Sometimes I also wear a face shield. I haven’t eaten inside a restaurant in over a year. I have ordered take out a few times, and always for pick up to eat in my car or back at home. 

Once I get the vaccine, I know that it will still take a while before things will be normal again. In fact, maybe life as we know it won’t ever be like it was before COVID-19. 

My friend and colleague Nancy Lyons, the CEO of Clockwork, wrote a compelling article encouraging all of us to re-imagine work. We have an opportunity to rethink what we collectively value and how we most want to spend our time and energy. 

The line that resonated with me from Nancy’s article is this, “Let’s stop requiring physical presence and start valuing contribution.” As someone who lives with a complex, requires a huge amount of my attention, chronic illness, type 1 diabetes, I appreciate the idea of valuing contribution. 

I am a very focused worker and I can get a lot done in a short amount of time. Often making valuable contributions, but like everyone, I need time-outs. Time outs to deal with diabetes, to think about what’s next and think about and strategize about how I can keep on a good track with my diabetes management. 

This work-from-home pandemic has been a bit of a blessing in disguise for me. I really like my home office and I really enjoy my work-from-home wardrobe. Best of all, I can make my schedule work for my rhythm of life with diabetes. I’ve noticed over the past year that I’m more relaxed and more productive. 

I do miss seeing my co-workers in person, as I really enjoy all of them. Thankfully we have Zoom staff meetings every other week and Zoom water cooler check ins on the weeks we don’t have staff meetings. When the weather is warm enough, we have  socially distanced backyard gatherings and that has been delightful. 

When things do settle down, my hope would be to continue to work from home 3 of the 4 days a week that I work at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Fingers crossed something like that will be possible. I hope we continue to use Zoom as I find it a great platform for connecting and equalizing. 

First things first. Step 1 is get as many of us as possible vaccinated. Have you gotten vaccinated yet? Let me know in the comments below! I love hearing from you!!

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6 thoughts on “The future of work and the coronavirus vaccine”

  1. Too young and too healthy to qualify for a vaccine in NYS so far. Hoping the tipping point in production and distribution is reached soon. To that end, while those privileged to work from home may be able to choose to continue, vaccinations aren’t being made in bedroom offices or at dining tables. Manufacturing is still a critical component to the US economy and we must learn to collaborate and produce safely. I’ve been in person at the shop since late April/early May after an 8 week exile. Hard to ensure quality and regulatory requirements are met for aircraft engine parts, from 30 miles away! Cheers to good health and hygiene.

    • Christine,
      I agree, I sure hope the tipping point for vaccines is reached soon! You do good work in the world and you need one of those vaccines! Good health to you as well my friend!

  2. Covid-19 and social distancing has had its challenges and in many ways it has also surprised me with deeper relationships through outdoor gathering, physical activity and spiritual enrichment through the internet! I’ve worked at home for many years so there really were no changes for me in that arena. One surprise was being selected by the state to get my vaccine—Saturday is shot one at the MOA! Herd immunity here we go!

    • Marie,
      I agree, our little athletic group: Team Looking Sharp, we have figured out how to stay active and connected!!! AND, yes, yes and yes that you got selected to get your vaccine!!! I’m getting my first one on Tuesday! Herd immunity is a very good thing!!

  3. I live in Massachusetts and have gotten both my Pfizer vaccines. I only had a sore arm after both. Since getting my 2nd vaccine (4 days ago) my bs’s have been whacked out-running high. Today is day 5 and so far so good-bs’s seem to b back to normal. I am so grateful for this vaccine. I feel such relief. Most of all I am beyond excited that I will soon be able to hug my kids and grandkids. We are also going to Pennsylvania for a vacation to bike ride on the rail trail, hike and kayak in a few weeks. Still will be wearing our masks, but will be getting back a little normalcy. Life is great!!

    • Margie!
      I am SO glad to hear that you are on your way to being able to hug your kids and grandkids! Thanks for the update on your blood sugar response to getting the vaccination. Being ready for that is good to know! I just got scheduled to get my first vaccine this coming week!!
      Here’s to successfully surviving this pandemic!

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