Testing your blood sugar once a week. A bad plan

I want you to take action. Yes, this blog post is a call to action. The state of Oregon is about to vote on a suggestion before them to limit blood testing strips for people who have type 2 diabetes and are receiving health care from the Medicaid funded Oregon Health Plan be limited to one test strip PER WEEK if their hemoglobin A1c test is above 8.0 and NO test strips if their hemoglobin A1c is below 8.0. Unless of course they are newly diagnosed or take insulin.

This is just insane. And it would be a terrible thing if this passes in Oregon, since it could set a precedent for other states. I am shaking in my boots just thinking about this possibility. I test my blood sugar 10 to 15 times a day, and there are times in a day, like today for example, that my blood sugar was 45 early this morning (that’s too low, and I treated the low blood sugar) then literally just a bit over one hour later, my blood sugar was 308. That’s mostly because my liver dumped out a bunch of glycogen to help my body get back in a normal range from that earlier low. The trouble is that since I have type 1 diabetes, my body has a tough time not dumping too much glycogen into my system. I hadn’t over treated the low blood sugar, my body just really hates super low blood sugars.

Very low blood sugar
Very low blood sugar
Very high blood sugar just a little bit later.
Very high blood sugar just a little bit later.






In any case, I do have type 1 and I do take insulin, so according to the proposal in Oregon, I would be allowed more test strips. But here’s the thing, blood testing is a tool. And important tool. It’s not a cure and it’s just a compass, to help the one living with diabetes, figure out how food, stress, exercise, medications are all interacting and impacting the blood glucose levels. It’s an important tool that in order to keep one’s blood sugar in a normal range, you need to know what’s happening in your body.

Okay, I’m climbing off my high horse. The really cool website, Diatribe, they did an awesome post about this situation. Here it is. They also started a petition on change.org to let the politicians know that this is not okay with us. Please take a moment and sign the petition. And do so before December 5th. Since that is when they will vote on this in Oregon.

Please, take a moment, today, right away, and sign the petition! Thanks!

This is how many test strips I've used today.
This is how many test strips I’ve used today.


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1 thought on “Testing your blood sugar once a week. A bad plan”

  1. Thanks for this post Mari! I signed! This is a VERY bad idea! For the T2 who doesn’t use insulin, they should test to see what their bg is in order to adjust their food selection.

    The cost will be far greater in the long term with diabetic complications from a lack of management. This is very short sighted.


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