Impossible Dreamers: Athletes older than 65 take the national and world stage

I like to stay motivated by watching older athletes. As I’m healing from this broken ankle, I need LOTS of motivation. About every other day I feel like giving up. Can you relate??

My dear friend and Lean In Together MSP colleague Linda Brandt called me a few days ago to tell me about a beautiful movie called Impossible Dreamers. She had a copy of the DVD she got from the library and she was willing to drop it (and a DVD player) off at my house so I could watch it. I turned her down, as I rarely watch movies (and just about zero television or Netflix for that matter, just no time!).

Then, I decided to take a look.

I watched this trailer:

WOW WOW and WOW!!!

It’s a powerful, inspirational, tear-jerking documentary!!! It features athletes ages 60 to 94 doing amazing, beautiful athletic feats in everything from yoga, to swimming, to running, to tennis, to race-walking, to golf and weight-lifting. It features women and men and just plain old WOW.

I had to tell all of you about this amazing movie. I rented it on iTunes and I’m sure it’s available anywhere you can get movies. Including the library! If you need a bit of inspiration, get this movie and get moving!

And remember, you are worth it. You are beautiful and strong and moving your amazing body is priceless.

With love always,


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